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Hi, nice script, but Compatible Browsers only ie9 ?

It is written to work even with ie6, so it should work just fine and with any ie version, if you buy this item and you have any problem, just let me know and I will fix it but let me know the browser version you are having problems

PS: remember that this works with php too

I looks like I forgot to mention that it works with almost any browser. Thank you !

yes – js, actionscript and php

Hi, I am not a coder, can you make it simpler for non coder to follow instruction? I’m still confused reading your instruction
For example ie index.php file, do I copy what’s in it and put it to encode then copy the encoded result and paste back in the php file?

I watched the video but how do you put that into the website? If you can make another video of that would be great!

Here is a very basic example of how to use it

Tell me exactly what you want to do to give you a solution for your problem

so all you have to do is to include the javascript and/or php class (depending what you want to do) and just call the encode or decode method. Again, tell me exactly what you want to achieve in order to give you step by step instructions.

Hi, dose this work the same as source guard script from this that hide the source code

No, although you could encode with my script and then use eval to run for instance in javascript.

This script can be used to encode content in different programing language(js, php and/or actionscript )

Can this script encode in JS client side and decode with PHP server side?

Sorry for delay! Yes – js, actionscript and php

hi, can i send you a file and you tell me if you can to decrypt before buy? thanks a lot

Hello, this script is for Obstrufucating text . So it encodes and decodes. It decodes only from what the script encodes