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I have a theme with awesome mobile elements, like page transitions, parrallax, etc..

I mainly just want a custom home page.

My question is will obox override my theme’s mobile function or can i keep the elements of my theme like page transitions, etc. and just use obox to design and designate a custom home page?


Hi webcoreinteractive

Obox Mobile will override your mobile theme whenever someone visits your site from their phone. We suggest using Obox Mobile only if you want your blog to be optimized for mobile.


I buy this and … I don’t like it. in the customization tab it never keep my change for examples, I change the color scheme of footer background but after I save I look in the mobile device and colors is still the default one.. Oh and yes I press the Save Changes button. I try multiples time to add widget and it never show up. custom background is not working either .. is it me or what ?!?

Hi Kriendor

Please could you post this issue in our support channel so that we can assist: http://oboxthemes.com/support/



great plugin but our mobile menu is not working. When i click on it it redirects to /# but nothing shows up. Any idea? I created and assigned a new mobile menu and running the mobile version with latest posts.

Please could you post this issue in our forums http://oboxthemes.com/support


Hi sounds like a great plugin! I just wanted to check before buying that it that it does what i want…

we have alot of webpages on our site currently so i dont want to have to recreate every single page for a mobile version so i need a plugin that uses or transfers the current pages into its mobile devise customiser

can this plugin do this?


Hi Alexi

Obox Mobile will only work with your regular post and single pages. If you have any pages which have custom HTML or modifications then they won’t display in the mobile plugin.


Hi there When I click the mobile menu in the top right, the first menu item is half covered up, is there anyway to addsome space?



Please could post your question in our forums so that our support crew can assist.



Hello, do you have a demo with the ads? will it show any ads or from Adsense or affiliate? I’m interested, thank you

Best Regards,


Hi Jenny

We don’t have a demo of ads in the theme. Do you plan on using Obox Mobile for your blog?


I bought “obox mobile”, installed it on my site, but what I do to show the post-videos?

Hi There

Please could you post your question in our forums so that our support crew can assist:



I can not create a new “ticket”. It is not showing anything when I click.how I do?

Hi there,

Go to http://oboxthemes.com/dashboard and login. If you do not have an Obox Account, create one. Next, click on Themeforest and enter the Themeforest purchase code. You can click “Post a Question” from the sidebar link to submit your ticket.

You can find complete documentation for Obox Mobile here:


Your videos must be set as featured videos in your theme to appear in archive lists. If the videos are embedded into posts, they will not appear in the archives.

Hi! This item is great! But, I need to know if I can to see the picture on my ipad. I have a theme but I can’t to see the retina picture. Your product, I will to see the picture?

hi .. my questions is: 1) This plugin displays the contents of the wp default page or i have to create pages with special content for mobile?

2) is compatible with nextgen gallery?

thank..wait.. Pablo

Hey Pablo,

1. The plugin displays the default content of your pages and posts. 2. It’s up to NextGen Gallery whether it is responsive or not.

~ Marc

ok.,.thank..this plugin have click to call button or similar system? wait..thank

Hi Paraty,

Do you mean a button to phone? Not understanding 100%


This is a difference price to the price on your website. Which one should I buy? Thanks

Hi There

The TF option provides 6 months support, Obox option 1 year.



I’m thinking about purchasing this item. Will it be able to read the shortcode and display it in a nice format? I’ve tried several apps and the shortcode never gets converted.



Hi Chris

Unfortunately not, Obox Mobile won’t display shortcodes as it’s incredibly difficult to support the 1000’s of different ways themes style them.


In the homepage, you can list the category but and set a number of post. I set 4 and it work but shouldn’t it be a button or the category name to be a link for the user to go on that category and read all the posts??

Hello! Unfortunately because you are setting the number of posts, it will not paginate. The expected behavior of most mobile users is they will click through one of these items, or choose where they want to go from the menu. The page you choose to output your posts will display a more traditional blog archive that includes the category. http://demo.oboxsites.com/oboxmobile/category/blog/

hi, i need a support for istalled this theme. can you help me? have you a tutorial? thank you andrea


Does it support fullscreen homepage? ie. no scroll.

Unfortunately that option isn’t available by default in Obox Mobile. You can modify it with CSS though?

Hi, Your main site is down? I can’t login there. After login just white page…

Hi there, I am not aware of any site issues, http://oboxthemes.com/dashboard is up and functional.

Hi I have written a ticket on your support forum but havent received anything yet

I had two questions

1. The plugin seems to be blocking the JS scripts, how can call them on a particular page

2. How do I add a search bar on a page?

Answer ASAP


Thanks for the link, will respond via our forums asap!

is there a trial version of this plugin to test on a customers website please ?