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hi i yesterday i purchase your two plugin Obfuscator PLUGIN Encoder & Obfuscate but it available in the latest version of your update if you don’t mind can you refund. Thanks for your true support

that plugins in the main version not in the plugin what i purchased

Yes, you are not alone – everybody get all Plugins in the Main Version of the Script for a short time. It was a mistake of mine!!

And now Codecanyon have ne updatet ZIP, so nobody download the main script WITH the plugins, so everybody had to buy them ;) Cheers

What does this plugin do? Does it dynamically encode the php code on page load?

Hello and thank you for getting in touch, it is a PLUGIN for our Script ( ) that will encode some single PHP Function or parts of a PHP File (instead of hole files) – Cheers

hello i already buy your code,

i want to ask about fix domain that support www and no-www, how to setup fix domain let say : and , which one should i input?

thanks :)

FYI i buy 3 product of yours. its great!



don not leave the brackets.

I’m glad if you like it; I will appreciate a 5 star vote from you! Cheers.

Hello, I just bought all the plugins for your encoder. But I have a problem with the plugin obfuscator. The plugin does not work well and cause some variables fail invoked. I hope you can help to resolve this problem.

Hello and thank you for buying our script. I will be happy to help you out if you could provide me more information (the code you try to ibfuscate) about what you are trying to do and where you got stuck. Please use the envato PM system available on my profile page to email me. Thank you.

Can I have a documentation for this plugin? I was hoping I could obfuscate PHP files with this plugin just by calling a PHP script (yes, I purchased the original obfuscator code as well). Can I do that? :-)

For example: I’d like to obfuscate source/test.php with the domain restriction to and the expiration day of 12/31/2016. What PHP file should I call and what parameters should I pass? Thanks!

Hello and thank you for buying our script.

It will work as you expected!

We will be very happy to help you if you will be so kind to use the codecanyon PM system to ask for support. It is available from our profile page. Thank you so much! We’re waiting for your email. Cheers!


I would like clarification before buying the encoder and this obfuscator plugin. I have a well written application in PHP, what we need is to encode it or obfuscate it on fly when the php file is called, we do not want to encode the file and then upload it this will help us to keep our source code intact and make modifications to our code on fly. Let me know if this can be achieved by the plugin.



The server is with me its a cloid based app, so the source code wont go to the customer, when he executes fill the source code should be encoded on fly, is that possible.?

Ah, OK – now i understand – but: If the customer cant see the code – why do you whant to encode it? ;-)

That makes no sense IMO

I have some questions before I buy this script, I hope u can help me.

I have a php script/code on codeigniter, i need 1.- generate a license based on a unique code from computer where I install the code in php 2.- after i get this unique number from a computer this number is related to my code. and without code from the computer. the script in php dont work and send me a notification .. is this posible ? can u make it ?

Well, that is an plugin for this script:

You can realize this function and encode your source, but you must prog it by you self. Cheers

Hello, I just bought all the plugins for your encoder. But I have a problem with domain lock. can you tell me how i can do it ? thanks

Shure, enter “Experte Modus” (the Link under the Input Textarea) and fix domain to e.g. localhost or

hi, can i send you a file and you tell me if you can to decrypt before buy? thanks a lot

Please use the envato PM system available on my profile page to email me. Thank you.