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It’s really useful! Good job! :)

Thank you!

Do this plugin work in sidebar y widget?

yes it does, and it comes with a widget you can use on sidebar.

Perfect, I install and works wonder on first try.

sweeeeeeeeeet you are the first buyer! if you have any questions let us know in here :)

Good work! I suggest if you create a plugin like that one for paid subscription, it will be wow with your style of design. but I mean, full module to manage this point (front,back end).

This may be something we add to the plugin in the future ;) Thanks for your input @sanayar2008

Can this be configured to work with the Sendy Email Platform?

We have already been looking into the API, please bear with us as we grow and evolve the plugin. =)

Nice one! If you need help to integrate with MyMail just drop me a mail!

Good luck!

Thank you Xaver, I am actually going to get in touch with you to talk more about intergration with myMail in the coming weeks :)

Hi, can you limit the form to one category only? Thanks!

You can simply not use any categories, and you will know whoever signs up for the form that its only going to be sent from that categorized post.

for instance….

Create normal subscription form, then when your users subscribe, you create your post normally (blog post) and before you publish it, set the category to the one you want to email out to.

There is an option to email out all those subscribers that signed up to the form, using Nylon from the Post Page when you create it.

So, you can technically do this, but it won’t show any categories on the front end. If you decide to purchase, I can help with your setup if need be.

Presale questions: Is there an option for users to manually unsubscribe from the newsletters and whether there will be captcha at the sign up? Thanks.

One more thing, is it responsive?

There is an option to unsubscribe from the newsletter, please feel free to fill out the form on our demo site, and it will send you an email that asks to Verify your subscription and also once you verify there will be a second email that shows a subscription manager.

No we currently do not use a captcha, rather a verfication email to make sure the user is real before the email address is activated.

Yes, it is responsive, test it on your phone or mobile device.

Hi, can I work it with Mailpoet? Thanks

We have only integrated the plugin to currently work with MailChimp. We are working on other platforms but this is currently the only one that has an API integration so far.

Hi, Is the plugin WPML ready? I mean, can I choose to send new posts from deifferent categories in different languages? How is it works? Can I try a demo?

interesting it doesnt show in here next to your name as you purchased them. Might want to contact envato.

I’ve activated the EventOn plugin, FullCall addon and Ext. list addon. And have a question on the support forum for EventON plugin.

you ask the question under nylon please ask your question in correct place


is there a myMail integration now? Does builder have listbox (select) field option? Can I use my own (rwa) form code and style?


Sorry not at the moment


I have a PRE-PURCHASE question:

I have three downloadable PDFs and would like each one to be associated with it’s own subscription form. Is it possible to make each form integrated with it’s own Mailchimp subscription list?

yes you can


Great work, very useful


I have a PRE-PURCHASE question:

Is it possible to link the mail list to mailchimp?

yes it is

I just bought the extension, but I can not active it on my website. Your support URL is not working either. I hope you can help me further.

Ashanjay, I’m still waiting for an answer to fix the problem. When I want to activate the plugin, the page reloads and the plugin is still not available.


I am interested in buying this plugin.

But want to ask can this extension be integrated with MailGet Bolt ( as I am using MailGet for sending bulk emails.

Thanks and regards, Harsh Singh

Your Demo link is broken