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I bought thinking it might be of use, tried it out and is really is awesome. Easy to use and pretty simple (I have very limited coding skills).

Thank you, I try to write plugins for people with very little to none coding experience. jQuery allows me to make it simple and easy for the user. Enjoy!

If you guys like this plugin check out my new text animation plugin: It creates a rolling text effect.

hi i bought this for a simple use on a site and it’s pretty cool. i wish however the documentation was a little more thorough.

i’m wanting to know the range i can set for the type speed? i want it to type slow because i only have a phone number i want it to display.

Thanks for your purchase. I am sorry to here that you think the documentation could be better. I have a PDF tutorial along with a NuvuType options tester at so you can get a hands on feel for the plugin before you purchase it. I also give support via email to all my customers. As far as your problem goes with the speed of the type, you can set the “typespeed” option to something high such as 1000 or more it will type very slow. This is in milleseconds so 1000 = 1 sec per word. I hope this helps. Thanks again for your purchase and feedback. -Nolan

no worries – you did a good job with the plug-in. i just like to have thorough docs for all variables because sometimes i won’t revisit something for awhile and then i forget. i did raise the time to about 800 to type the phone number. the issue i’m having now is it takes about 10 seconds before it starts typing when the page loads? i set the delay to 1 and thought that would be 1 second? maybe i’m missing something else. it’s the only js item on this particular page.

If you set the “delay” option to 0 – (no delay) this should take care of that. 1000 is 1 second because it handles it in milliseconds so 1 would be 1/1000 of a second. I hope this is not too confusing. Let me know if this helps. -Nolan

Nice plugin however, there seems to be a problem with the first example you included in the zip file, the last word always gets cut off. If you look at the poem, you’ll notice that tall). gets cut off whereas it works fine with every other example…

Found a typo in the example html. I uploaded the corrected files to You should add a single space at the end of each sentence. This will ensure that NuvuType prints the entire sentence. Thanks for bringing this to my attention and for purchasing my plugin. Have a nice day. -Nolan

Can i remove all spans, when animation ends?

No there is no feature for this at this time. Thanks, -Nolan

Can the animation Work Continuesly…...

What do you mean by “Work Continuesly”? -Nolan

Whitout Clicking on trigger it is possible to work Continuesly

It can trigger on page load. Set

in the options. Here is the doc – -Nolan

Congratulations! GoodLuck