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hi looks great a few question befor i buy 1- how do you upload images is it default gallery or does it have a unique panel 2- does the image lazy load? what happens if i have 100 images 3- can the gallery be 100% height


1)You insert images inside the container code using the wordpress media tool. Not a Wordpress gallery. These would be individual images inserted using the uploader tool. 2)No Lazy load – I have an imagesloaded script running to create the scroll slider after all images have loaded. 100 images might take some time to load. No lazy load option since the inner scroll container needs to populate the its total width based on the total added images width. 3)Yes it can have a 100% height. Hope this helps, -Nolan

Very difficult for me to use it. I’m not able to make it full width. For me a bad purchase

It is setup to have a width:100%; so it will fill your page container. So it depends on how your theme is setup in order to fill the entire width of the page. This is a theme issue not plugin. Please email me at nuvuscripts@gmail.com and I will help you adjust theme files to make it full width. Thanks, -Nolan

ok i email you. thank you

Hi. Does this theme automatically resize portrait oriented images so that all images are the same height, without cropping the image?

No the first image will have a much smaller width then the second image but both will share the same height. So if your scroll container is set to have a height of 500px then image one dimensions will be 500×150 and second image will be 500×2000. No cropping at all. -Nolan

Great thanks! Also does this come with an option to add a slider bar at the bottom for scrolling…or arrows (back and forward) which appear when you hover over the images?

Also, if you could just check to see if your plug in will be compatible with my theme (“Hercules” – from themeforest): www.plawrencephotography.com

No scrollbar. There are arrow buttons in the bottom left corner you hover over to move the scroll container. I do not have the capabilities to test with this theme. After looking at the preview I do not see any issues that would prevent the plugin from working with it. Thanks, -Nolan

I second a scrollbar. Would make it look so much nicer.

Would this not be an option at all?

This is not an option at this time.

When this gets to the end of the images, it bounces back and scrolls in the opposite direction.

How can this be stopped?

Email me at nuvuscripts@gmail.com and I will send you the js file with the needed changes.

hi! is it possible to have 4 smaller images on load instead of two big ones? thanks!

I am not following the question. You can load any images you wish into the scroll plugin.

What I am asking is if you can reduce the width of the images so you can see 4 images IN THE SAME TIME on the screen, without scrolling. In your demo you have 2 big images and to see the others you need to scroll.

The widths scale based on the height of the scroll container. So it all depends on the dimensions of the original images versus the height set for the scroll container.

is it possible to remove the arrows and the slide to continuously move on its own, but still stop when the mouse is hovered over it

Sorry, it is not setup to do this.

I have the same question as piers! Also, if it’s not too hard, can I make it show captions on hover? (like this: http://themes.doitmax.de/?theme=PicTree) Thanks!

weird, don’t click that link it goes to invictus instead of pictree bc the “)” is stuck at the end. here: http://themes.doitmax.de/?theme=PicTree

Sorry there is no way to add captions like this theme does. It is setup completely different preventing this.

Hey, How hard is it to change swipe directions from left to swiping bottom for the next post?

Thanks for the response. However we have many wordpress developers working with us, I just wanted to know the feasibility for doing so with a fair amount of modification we can put in ourselves. I know you don’t provide an option.

It is dependent on the jQuery.event.swipe plugin by Stephen Band so technically the swipeleft or swiperight events could be replaced with the swipeup or swipedown events. This has not been tested. -Nolan

Thanks, I’ll buy one of this to test it out.