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Great work, good job!:)

hi, soport my mail ?

showsarg, not sure what is the question here. Are you having any issues?

Does this support custom post types for the content of the newsletter?

Sorry, 3me, it only works on Posts for now.

Th generated templates don’t seem to be mobile responsive.

nadworks, we will release few Responsive Design newsletter themes very soon, but bear in mind that not all mobile email clients are created equal. There are tons of Pros and Cons for using Responsive Design in newsletters. Responsive Design for email is not a “true” mobile design. Responsive Design for email can be very tricky to get everything to flow correctly across multiple platforms.

Thanks. There are no cons in my opinion. Good mobile responsive emails can be done in solid and compatible way. With more than half of emails being opened on smartphones these days, it’s not a nice-to-have, it’s a must-have.

Just updated: The latest version has 3 new Responsive Design Newsletter Themes. Make sure you download/install the latest version.

Can I use with a SendGrid account?


OM2, according to SendGrid version Comparison Chart, except for the Lite version, SendGrid includes Flexible template editors (HTML & WYSIWYG). That means you should be able to Paste your HTML code in the newsletter template. Do a simple test. Head over to one of our newsletters examples: Right-click on the newsletter page, select “View Page Source”, select the whole code (CTRL+A) and Copy the code. Go to your SendGrid template editor and Paste the HTML code. Send it to yourself to see the result. If it shows correctly than your answer to the question is YES. Thanks!

i think what i was looking for was code to use sendgrid accounts details to send email. thanks for the reply – much appreciated.

Hello vAx, is it compatible with php7? Did you tested in WP running with SSL certificate? Are there improvements with responsive mails? Thanks for info.

mlipowski, so far we only tested on PHP 5.4.43 since most of the hosting providers didn’t update to PHP 7. We didn’t test it on SSL. So far we have 5 Responsive Design themes included in the package. Take a look at the theme examples:

“most of the hosting providers didn’t update to PHP 7” – but they will do in next few months. Here in Czech republic most of them already run on PHP7. Anyway, thank you for info.

Is this plugin supported on Wordpress 4.5.1?

Sure it is supported on Wordpress 4.5

I would to set up a template in that will automatically pull in the latest post from my wordpress site into that newsletter. Is this possible with your plugin?

navindesigns, no, it would not work automatically. 1. First you select few articles for your Newsletter from WordPress site. 2. Next, export the HTML for your Newsletter 3. And last step, import the HTML Newsletter into MailChimp and you’re done.

good work keep it up !

How do you update the program I have 1.21 got a month ago and but new version is 1.4


vAx Author

rbermack, we’re still at 1.2.1.

Is this plugin supported on Wordpress multisite install ?


vAx Author

Nouveauxterritoires, as long as you can have your web sites path pointing to the newletter you should be fine. Example of the path:

If your path is something like this it would not work: