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hi, is this for eclipse, or other software?


so, for me i can edit the info, and can compile it using eclipse, and no need for any other software?

Dear crush76
To run and modify the App Eclipse is enough. But Eclipse needs Java Development Kid to work. To Android programming you also need Android SDK and ADT for Eclipse. In this article is quite good tutorial http://www.tutorialspoint.com/android/android_environment_setup.htm

ok thats what i meant thanks

Admob integrated ?

Dear CodeAgent
The App is AdMob banners ready.

Hello! Is it possible to translate it?


Dear kalimanmx
Yes, the App can be translated.

Can you provide it for iOS ?

Dear Kuttu
At this moment we have not that kind of plan.

Hello! How can we daily report from application? Is it taking from api numarology info or its in the codes? Are you download new plugins and update versions?

Would you do some modifications? Can you add an admob code and change name and icon?