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Thanks !

Hey, Actually there’s a script that already does that and I saw you have the same problem as this guy’s item (Detection of Porngraphic Images), I suppose you’re using the same algorithm :)

Cheers, WW

Hi! There are many algorithms on the web, and all of them are using the same principle: scanning image pixel by pixel, converting colors from RGB to HSV/YCbCr and mapping the skin tone colors. Indeed, this technique has some tolerance for skin like colors so, given that, there are 3 scanning / blocking profiles: 1. image moderation (which is recommended ) with manual approve. 2 Image watermarking (automatically apply a NSFW like mark over the image) 3. Image automatic deleting (which can be configured by setting the ‘delete threshold’ – this is for blogs with 0 tolerance on nude/porn like images)

Keep in mind that applying Artificial intelligence methods on web side is not possible at this moment due to (mostly) performance issues.

The Live Demo page doesn’t work…
Although I use the correct username and pw, it returns an error.
So far I’m not impressed!

Hi! It does work on my side and I have seen activity on demo page (plugin) so, people are reaching it. What browser do you use? I have tested on Chrome and Mozilla. Anyway, the direct link to demo page is:

Credentials: User: admin123 Pass: test123

Please try it and reply to this message! Thanks!

why to block porn ? :)) porn is good !

:) For some is, for some is not.

Do I need something else installed on the server ? Does it have any dependencies to other plugins, API’s ?

Hi! No, it doesn’t have any dependencies. It’s a standalone plugin.

Does your Plugin work with buddypress + rtMedia Plugin (free), so that user uploaded images from rtMedia can be scanned/moderated?

You too ;) I thing latest stable is 5.6.9. But I think 5.5.25 will work too

Will get back to you soon

Meanwhile, we’ve also added some new routines for buddypress / rtMedia plugin, so, whenever you want, we will deliver you the updated version. It will be updated here also, but, it will take a few days.

I have now php 5.6 installed. But if the new version is more powerful I would love to get it. I will send you a profile message

68e1b0e5-7ef2-4010-95a6-0ab0ad81bd90 is the code that showed when i paid for the porn protector.

I have a LINUX / ubuntu sytem not windows… can u send the correct link for that system please

Michael Mabry 385-887-3526

Hi Michael! This plugin is for wordpress platform which runs on both Linux and Windows server. All the installation details are in the purchased archive (pdf and html help files). Please follow those instructions on your wordpress installation.


I have a LINUX system and the file you gave me for Nude Image Blockeris for windows systems only. 385-887-3526 Michael Mabry

Hi Michael! This plugin is for wordpress platform which runs on both Linux and Windows server. All the installation details are in the purchased archive (pdf and html help files). Please follow those instructions on your wordpress installation.

Hey, I’m interested in this plug in for the comments of one of my blogs. But I wonder if there is any possible configuration where I can disapprove the comment (or hold on moderation queue) if nudity was detected. Is that possible? So in the lapse of time between the comment is posted and I review the image I don’t get any porn in my website. Thanks.

Yes, sure!

Hello! I’ve just bought the plug in. Can you send me the upgraded files to ? (the ones that are being reviewed by Codecanyon)


Hi Phanie!

I sent you the updated version on your e-mail! Please let me know if you need something else!

Thank you for purchasing the plugin!

I have purchsed your plugin but there a no updates here.

Any chance to get them? Will send you and email. Please provide information with changelog.

Hi Digiblogger!

I replied to your message and attached an updated version. Please let me know if you need something else.

HI, I found this Nude Image Blocker plug-in yesterday and I am really interested on it. I have a quick question about it. I have a photography network website, using buddypress. Models and photographers are uploading their photographs, building portfolios and relations with the rest of the users. I need a plug-in to detect images with nude content and to show the images with png image for example saying that the image is with nudity content and if you wanna see it you should be registered user or just to switch off this option for image filtering.

Do you think that I can use your plug-in for this purpose?


Hi dmjeckov,

This plugin does all you mentioned above, but without viewing for registered users. This would be a task for future update!


Thank you If I understood right, I will approve a nudity image as an administrator , users will see it as a custom png file, and if they click on it, will see the content. I will buy this plug-in. Amazing. Great plug-in. L was looking for a plug-in like this for ages.


The flow is as follows:

- an user uploads an image - it is automatically scanned and if nudity is found in image (you will be able to set the scanning sensitivity from `Settings` page), that image could be: 1. automatically blocked for viewers 2. sent for moderation to administrator 3. apply a custom `watermark` over the image, warning your users that is a NSFW image.

In addition to this, this plugin scans also the comments, and if an nude image is attached will be handled according to default setting (also available in `Settings` page)

There are more options, if you want to try them, please check the demo page.


Hi there, does this work with scanning buddypress avatars as well? I am looking for a plugin that is restricting users from uploading nude pictures as avatar .

Thank you

Hi jazzbuzz,

Buddypress uses it’s proprietary way to upload images, without using the default Wordpress image handling hook, and custom folders to keep avatar images so, no, it does not work with profile pictures. Instead, this plugin works with buddypress post/comments (it scans activity images and apply proper behavior).


Wow great, but teachnical how is it know image nude or not? Is it away catch video also? Very usefull for proffesional website which limited spam upload.

About buddypress, if i change code, make image banner/profile process via upload media similar upload for post/page > your plugin will work, right?

Any plan to create new add-on for buddypress cover and also up sale for this plugin when make it work with buddypress banner? I send you info idea and plugin.
So by this way, who need buddypress cover super function and null > sure they will purchase 2 plugin in same time.

1) Is it available report to me to list and let me detele one by one/group delete similar the way i do with plugin? to advoid wrong delete ==> After delete how notification for autho? and the uploaded how is it look like?
2) About buddypress, you complete create new plugin for sale. please send me private message IF you want to create plugin for sale about cover buddypress function, so i can easy drop image explain and send plugin for you develop for sale which is work with your plugin also.

It will take a while to develop. I would like it to be integrated in this plugin, no need for a second one.

Please also consider 1. thanks. Please update me know when all release.

Dear, i’m planning to buy this for my website I have a question tho will images be filtered by Nude Image Blocker Wordpress when uploaded through a plugin i use “zombify”?

Is it working ?

I recovered the mistake in the javascript in the helper.js file on line 23 (== should be ===. Now it is working fine again with wordpress 4.9.1:

/** * @author SXN (iQuality) * * @summary * Javascript helpers * implements plugin’s javascript helper functions * * @url * */

function hideDiv(id){ document.getElementById(id).style.display = ‘none’; return true; }

function showDiv(id){ document.getElementById(id).style.display = ‘block’; return true; }

function fields(id){ if(document.getElementById(id).value === ””){ alert(‘You must choose an image file !’); return false; } else { return true; } }

function checkIE() { var ua = window.navigator.userAgent; var msie = ua.indexOf(“MSIE “); }

if (msie > 0)      // If Internet Explorer, return version number
    alert("It seems that you are using Internet Explorer! We STRONGLY recommend to try with a different browser !");
// If another browser, return 0
return false;