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Amazing work! Good luck with sales! :)

Thank you


it’s possible for 3 or more separate categories¿


for example , 1 one psvita games, two ps4, and 3 xbox ?

3 one page ?

You can include what ever categories you wish. You cannot set how many show per category though. You can have several instances of NuBox on one page with different categories.

very thx !!! great job

Not movil compatible?

Mobile? Yes it is compatible and created for use on mobile devices such as ipad.

Can you select posts created by a specific user?

This is possible but a line of code will have to be edited to achieve this. I can help you with this via email if you purchase the plugin. -Nolan

Great plugin Great support A++

thank you – I appreciate it! :)

Hello, it’s a great job. it seems sophisticated, I’m looking for a lighter solution like this example may i use your plugin for have this presentation ? small carousel or Wall of small images and choose to display post on Hover. the content of post (texte and image) is displayed above

What you see is what you get – The thumbnail images must be in a single row at the bottom and it opens the post content on click not hover. Thanks, -Nolan

Hi I am looking for a plugin that automatically puts a video posted through a phone into a video player that plays on all mobile devices. Can you please recommend a plugin.



pre-purchase question

im using KLEO theme and buddypress , will be any conflict with defult blog design from KLEO ?

is it supporting RTL ?

than you

There is no known issues with the KLEO theme. I do not know what you mean by RTL. Thanks, -Nolan

Hi, 1. Is there a demo site? 2. Does it work with right to left sites? Thanks

1. Yes, you click on the Live Preview button on the product page. 2. No there is no rtl conversion built in. Thanks, -Nolan

Demo Site not working

My server is down, I have contacted VPS support and will let you know when the demo site is back up. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. -Nolan

Demo is back up. Thanks, -Nolan