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Excelletnt work, i like it! :)

Thanks a lot diank123

Excellent and Fantastic!

Hello sadhiqali

Many thanks for your appreciation.

As always keep track on update and feel free to contact.


Excellent work!

Are you using bootstrap3.x?

Thank you!

Hello wwwtech

Yes using bootstrap 3.x for theme design.


whats the difference between he theme and the script.. and can i take the code from the script and implement it to this theme.. I’m not a coder.. i out source so bare with me lol

nm i understand lol instead of updated the script you create a theme to sell… smart individual.. welll you got me.. im buying both!!

Hello jregistre56,

Yes this is theme for Hackers News ( Script ) :).

There is free default theme available with the script, but if you want to use this one you have to buy it.

It is like addon

Yes we provide free updates to script


Two questions. If solved i will buy the script and theme.

Are we able to create ads spaces from backoffice?

Can i have another language to the script?


Hello rnb333

You can add ads by placing your ads JavaScript in the theme file. Since different people like ads at different location and many don’t use ads so we let this option to theme files. ( You can contact me via mail if you have any issue. )

Yes you can run site in multiple languages.


you have an error in script. go on a phone and go to trending questions. while logged in

Hello safeafter

What is the error, is it possible for you to provide screenshot.

I’m not able to detect any error on my phone.

Please also note that this is theme for original script : Hackers News.

Let us know Thanks

Hi, great theme!

Quick question: I’m getting ‘failed to load resource 404’s’ on switcher.css & switcher.js files in my developer console in the browser. I’ve searched through the main theme folder and neither these files, or the containing folder, (also named ‘switcher’), are present. It seems that there’s a call from inside the index.blade.php to these files, but the files don’t exist? Please advise.



OK, thanks for notifying me. Both the JS & CSS files are definitely called from the index.php file, so you may want to include an amendment of this in a future update.

To any potential buyers reading this: this is not an issue, and can be easily sorted simply by removing 2 lines of code.



Hello kualabear

We try our best to avoid any kind of issue. But if you report anything valid we will definitely provide you update.

Right now, we are going to release some great update on the script `collection and archive list` feature + many improvements so stay tuned for free updates.


Great! Looking forward to it!

sorry posted comment wrong section, refer to your Hackers News : Community Script page. thanks.

Buyers disclaimer : This is a theme, not the script :)

Hello macvhustle

Yes this is theme for http://codecanyon.net/item/hackers-news-community-script/7956337 :)

We have already mentioned this in the description, little bit in title too.


Hello, would I have to buy something else to make this script work? Or is it a full and ready to go script?

Hello yemelyanov

You first need to purchase http://codecanyon.net/item/hackers-news-community-script/7956337

Nova, is just a theme for Hackers News : Community Script.


hi how would i disable open a new tab when clicking a new link. this is not very good for mobile web at the moment.

Hello libert1ne

Yes, you can change this behaviour eaisly, visit `app/views/post/list.blade.php`

Search and remove ‘target’=>’_blank’

You are done.



When I install the theme public/static folder I get in firebuf the following error “Error: Bootstrap’s JavaScript requires jQuery if(“undefined”==typeof jQuery)throw new Error(“Bootstrap’s JavaScript requires j…”

how can I solve it?Where are jquery and bootstrap dependences?What are updating the versions?

Hello Aitul

This is strange, jquery is already added.

Please contact me via email, happy to provide you solution.



The ‘Add to collection’ feature is missing in your Nova template. Can you please fix that?

Thanks in advanced!

Hello tdtbox

Sorry about that will fixed and update will be available in next 2-3 days.



Thanks a lot! This would be great! Is this fix and update available for download now?

Cheers, Y.

Hello tdtbox

Yes for sure, pleas send me email. I will provide you update.

I’m not sure why envato is taking time to approve update, but I hope this is going to happen soon.


Is it coming notifications to the panel ?

Is it possible to have auto-thumbnail generation for news items?

Really beautiful


JimBim Purchased

Please remove this offer, the main script was removed so is this theme useless.I was request it a Refund

Hello, I bought a hacker news theme code, no system can’t use, I need to apply for a refund, thank you

Please remove this offer, the main script was removed so is this theme useless.I was request it a Refund

Please remove this offer, the main script was removed so is this theme useless.I was request it a Refund