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can i set a password for specific album ?

That is not supported.

please i just want to make an enquiry…is this a wordpress pluggin or html template?

This item is a WP plugin.

Hi! How do i set fullscreen as default like your demo, so that my wordpress theme never show??? http://ingeloff.com/dir/hej/

This will only be possible if you embed the gallery as a direct child of the body tag, and there are no other components in the page (like sidebars).

Hey, building website for a friend. when I add images via the plugin page, none are actually added. Whatever I try, the images do not show up. What am I doing wrong ?

I see that you have not bought this item. If someone else purchased this for you then please ask that person to post this comment.

Just bought your Nova Gallery plugin. I want to pull photos from albums on flickr, but don’t see an option for that.

Any suggestions on how to get that done?

I want my gallery to look like the “Gallery Sets” on your demo site.



There is check box that you need to select to show the Flickr section. Please go over the provided documentation for details.

thank you for this great plugin! i added another gallery to my site, but for some reason it’s not loading the pictures. (other galleries I created a year ago on the site are working) does this have something to do with the new picasa to google pics change? can you tell me why it’s not working? here is the gallery: http://simchadaycamp.com/?page_id=889 thank you!

okay, thank you!

just wanted to let you know it is now working – i managed to find the album id and used that instead of the album name, and that got it to work.

Glad to know that!

Hello i need a gallery like this for each product page so i would like to add a gallery like this in each product page as a custom field is that possible or what do you suggest?

You can create different gallery instances and then add them to your pages using shortcodes.


i want to buy your Nova Gallery – Multimedia gallery for WordPress and i need to know if i can select more then one photo and add them to a set in the gallery

becues i have more then 100 photos that i need to make the gallery for it and i can not select one by one to add all of the deletes

You can bulk upload all your photos but then you need to create the gallery items one by one with your uploaded files. So I think this plugin probably won’t suit you then.

Hi there, we installed “Nova Gallery WP” and when we create a gallery the option for “Fullwidth mode” dont work. It keeps the loading icon in the middle of the gallery and dont show the images on screen. Is there anything to do or check?

Here is the address for the gallery: http://sesc.ms/index.php/galeria-2/

Thanks for purchasing!

I visited the link provided by you but could not see Nova Gallery embedded there. Please provide me with the correct link.


I am trying to add images in bulk to a gallery but it is not working.

I select a whole bunch of images and try to add them, but they do not get added.

Please can someone assist? I see this plugin was last updated in 2015 so I am worried it is not up to date with the latest WordPress etc.


I am trying to add images in bulk to a gallery but it is not working.

I select a whole bunch of images and try to add them, but they do not get added.

Please can someone assist? I see this plugin was last updated in 2015 so I am worried it is not up to date with the latest WordPress etc.

Thanks for purchasing!

As mentioned in the documentation you need to first upload your media files in the “Uploads” section. You can upload media items in bulk there.

After that in the “Gallery Items” section your need to create your gallery items, and assign them media items that you uploaded in the previous step.

I’ve created a slideshow, pulling from my Flickr feed, at


How do I make the titles disappear (they currently appear in caps, I would prefer not to have anything at all)

Are you talking about the thumbnail titles in Thumbnails mode of the gallery? If you don’t want them then you need to hide them through css, like this:

#novaThumbGrid .hoverTitle {
    display: none !important;

Is it possible to create a Flickr gallery that pulls from a particular user, for photos with a specific tag?

i.e. user=futurist-jimcarroll tag=innovation

That is the ideal solution that I am looking for.

It looks like I might be able to do this using Flickr ‘collections’, but that would seem that I need to manually organize a collection after doing tagging.

Thanks for purchasing!

That gallery only uses the provided user id when your source is a collection, and also when you want to pull all photos of an user. So in this case you do need to create a collection to pull in specific photos of an user.


I am very interested in your plugin, however, I would need to know if the fullwidth version of video, with thumbnails, it is possible to put these thumbnails in a particular shape and size. That is, if they can be set in height and width and if you can also put a template to have a concrete shape (instead of rectangular, for example the miniature is oval, or have corners with colors or concrete shapes) . This is possible? Also, the videos in the mobile version are seen full screen as in the web version with the thumbnails ???

And one last thing. My theme has a menu sidebar on the left. Would it be well optimized to see full screen and the menu also be seen? Thank you

You can write custom css to style the thumbnails in the Fullwidth version as per your needs, but they need to be of the same width in order for the carousel to work. Barring a few required styles, the entire gallery can be customized by using your own custom css.

You can run the live demos in your mobile device to see how they work and look there.

The gallery is responsive in nature so it will adjust its size based on its parent container’s size, but if the available space is too small with your left side menu in place then the gallery may not look good.

I’m having a sizing problem when it first loads it is the correct size if you click on full width it loads to were you have to scroll to see the top or the bottom.

The images in Fullwidth mode have the correct size for me. In which browser are you testing?

I’m using chrome. Shouldn’t you be able see the controls at the top and the thumbnails of the photos along with the photos without scrolling up and down?


The height of the gallery depends on the height of the the parent container in which you embed the gallery. So if your parent container has a height that fits into the viewport then the gallery will adapt to that.

Before i buy this i have a question:

Can i upload my own video’s stored on my computer and show on this, or does this just take a URL from a video online and posting it?

You can upload your own videos from the WP Media library.

1.) Is this compatible with WPBakery (formerly Visual Composer)?

2.) It is possible to have numbered thumbnails? As in, the # of the image either in the upper-right corner, or below the thumbnail?

This way, if I have a customer on the phone, I can tell them, “Take a look at Picture #12” for a particular feature, without them having to flip through all of them.

This is a very useful feature for some situations, that seems to be damn near impossible to find in most galleries.

To be clear, I’m not looking for an option of “Thumbnails OR Numbers”, that’s available in a bunch of galleries. What I need are Thumbnails WITH numbers on them.

1) If WPBakery can accept shortcodes then the gallery can be embedded there.

2) This feature is not built in. You can write some custom css to do this.

1.) Yes, it can. Thank you for the confirmation.

2.) Any advice on the CSS? Like, are the thumbnail numbers generated in the code, I just have to make them visible? If so, how?

I want to purchase the Nova Gallery but need to know if its possible for a Gallery Sets thumbnail to be able to link to an external URL as the Gallery does? An example would be:

Gallery Set 1 thumbnail opens Gallery 1 of 20 images Gallery Set 2 thumbnail opens Gallery 2 of 8 images Gallery Set 3 thumbnail has external URL link to a PDF file Gallery Set 4 thumbnail opens Gallery 4 of 12 images Gallery Set 5 thumbnail opens a single YouTube Video (as no point in creating a gallery for one youtube link)

Does this make sense?


The gallery sets do not have this linking feature, only individual gallery items have that.

Hello I just purchased Nova Gallery Wordpress plugin. Could you kindly give me instructions on how to use it to put gallery / albums in my website.

Many thanks WiltonMarketer

Hello I just purchased Nova Gallery Wordpress Plugin. I have uploaded and activated it. Please provide description on how to create albums and galleries on my website,

Many thanks


Please go over the documentation included with the plugin for detailed instructions.