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can i set a password for specific album ?

That is not supported.

please i just want to make an enquiry…is this a wordpress pluggin or html template?

This item is a WP plugin.

Hi! How do i set fullscreen as default like your demo, so that my wordpress theme never show??? http://ingeloff.com/dir/hej/

This will only be possible if you embed the gallery as a direct child of the body tag, and there are no other components in the page (like sidebars).

Hey, building website for a friend. when I add images via the plugin page, none are actually added. Whatever I try, the images do not show up. What am I doing wrong ?

I see that you have not bought this item. If someone else purchased this for you then please ask that person to post this comment.

Just bought your Nova Gallery plugin. I want to pull photos from albums on flickr, but don’t see an option for that.

Any suggestions on how to get that done?

I want my gallery to look like the “Gallery Sets” on your demo site.



There is check box that you need to select to show the Flickr section. Please go over the provided documentation for details.

thank you for this great plugin! i added another gallery to my site, but for some reason it’s not loading the pictures. (other galleries I created a year ago on the site are working) does this have something to do with the new picasa to google pics change? can you tell me why it’s not working? here is the gallery: http://simchadaycamp.com/?page_id=889 thank you!

okay, thank you!

just wanted to let you know it is now working – i managed to find the album id and used that instead of the album name, and that got it to work.

Glad to know that!