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live preview or video is a must have if you want sales. Please provide one.

I did include a demo. I’m not sure why it wasn’t published. I’ll look into it…

Edit: Alright I added a link to the demo.

If the user clears their browser cache, will the note still be available on the website, or does it get wiped also?

The notes are stored in localStorage, not the cache. So clearing the cache will not affect the notes.

Could think of some great ways to use this. Not buying it yet untill I’ve found a good use for it, but I’ve got some in mind!

How easy is the styling?

All the styling is in an external CSS file, so it is easy to modify assuming you know some CSS . :)

Very very nice! Good idea. But, no OPERA support?

Yeah, unfortunately Opera doesn’t support drag and drop well. I also noticed during testing that Opera has a built-in feature that mimics the functionality of this, so there’s no benefit to supporting that browser.

Right… This is a nice file, will purchase a copy my self soon. Keep it up!

I just wanted to add a comment on here.

I’m using this as a WordPress plugin and it works great, straight out of the box.

If you are thinking of buying this, then do so. It’s a great price for something which gives your site something a little bit different – and useful.

Glad to hear that you found it useful! :)

Hi Congratulations! In addition to the wordpress plugin, can you also do an expressionengine plugin for this? Code Canyon has just opened up a section just for EE. EE addons really sell – see devotee com Thanks Chris

This is Ultra Mega Cool!!!!! I love it! Thank you so very much!

Hi, Is it also possible to store the notes into a mySQL database so that i can provide this notes to other users?

Great work!

I purchased this…with the thought of using it on the left hand side of my screen. I started floating things…etc. and changing the CSS when I noticed I only have your minified JS.

Is there an easy way to move this to the left hand side? Might want to think about including 2 versions…left/right.

thanks, Mitch

The uncompressed JavaScript source should be included in the ‘source’ directory so you can make changes. I have already prepared a left aligned version for someone else, so I can send you that via email. Just send me a message and I’ll reply with that.

Sorry one more thing. The demo does not seem to be working in FF. It works in Chrome and IE9 .

There are a couple bugs with IE9 as well…but I will fix those on my own.

I’m using FF 7 .0.1

I’m using FF 7 .0.1 as well and the demo appears to be working fine for me. What kind of bugs did you find in IE9 ?

Download your zip file.

then try and use the “demo” version of that in FF.

I see. It must be a new security feature that blocks local storage for local files. It should still work fine on a website.

Love this. As it is currently set, the share functionality is not working. Any ideas?

Is that possible to store the data in an mysql db?

I think this is a wonderful idea and I really want to buy it but I feel one very important, ‘obvious’ feature is missing. I would love to add this to my WP blog so my visitors can take notes while watching a video tutorial but first I need to know how easy it would be for me to add a simple ‘Download’ button so users can download their notes as a txt file onto their desktop. If you could add this feature, that would be marvelous, but if you’d rather quickly explain how I can do this myself, that would be OK too. The share/email feature is good but I’d much rather be able to save my notes to my desktop. At the moment, I’m ALWAYS opening up NotePad to take notes while online so a simple ‘download’ button would be perfect for me. Other than that, I think this is a BRILLIANT little tool. I really love it and I’d love to add it to my browser and my blog.

Would you be interested in making this compatible with out service? I will provide API and compensation for the work. API here:

I see there was a question 9 months ago from TotallyImpressed about downloading notes. Are there any plans to add this or a means to do it ourselves? A print or save button would even be great… just some means for the users to take the info with them.

Buyer Beware! Seller has stopped responding to inquiries 3 years ago. See notes above. Component NOT compatible with current versions of IE. DO NOT BUY without seeing live demo, and corresponding with seller.


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