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Man, this is cool. Want to built this in my project but you don’t provide extended license :( sad

Thanks @huykhong. Extended License is available now. :)

Amazing job, keep it up needim!

Thanks a lot :)

Is their a way to make it so when you close a notification once it wont come back up due to say cookies?

used noty 4 years ago. it was amazing bro. thanks.

I would like to use in a SAS project where like 5 People will log in (that will be 1 Extendex lincense or 5 Single License?)

Hi Pemtium,

From FAQ;

“In simple terms, the main difference is that under the Regular License, your end product (incorporating the item you’ve licensed) is distributed for free, whereas under the Extended License your end product may be sold.”

More information is here:

Thank Needim, I buy now and test. Question since it come with Noty, we have a Inline refresh that keep refreshing and adding Noty. we use kill to refresh all noty. but if the page is not in focus Kill does not work. Same behaviour in this version? any workaround?

Any workaround for this Needim? (Page Focus)

I like the FB like notification in dropdown. Can I connect this script to my existing database?

Hi @sunit1972, NotyManager is a client side plugin and it has some basic api functions for this manner.

OK then, Can I setup a sql query, setup a cron for sql query, output and setup sql query results in HTML as you showed this in “C – Creating Notifications” under “html as a notification content”?

Looks Great! Best of luck with sales