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Great piece of kit mate .. 5 stars

I did buy one of these from somone else …they overkilled it and horrible to install ..

this took me 2 minutes to install on live site .. thanks very much

Keep up the great work Dreadsta

Thank you for your purchase Dreadsta. If you need any help or features, dont hesitate to contact me.

I sent you an email with a link to notifyme.. I will not be giving a direct link to the demo because others might rip the demo and use it as normal..

Np, Wanted to see how the animation works.

Demo? ( respond this message so I get a email when you do)

How can I trigger the messages to appear when a button is clicked and then automatically fade out after 5 seconds?

Hello dkhonig, try this out and let me know how it goes..

$(”#button”).click(function() { $(’.notify’).notifyme().setTimeout(“fadeOut()”, 5000); });


Stay put for a couple of days, and ill push an update that you can specify in how much time you want the notification to expire..

To everyone who has bought Notify Me
Im getting ready to push a major update for Notify Me, and im looking for any interested beta testers.

To volunteer please send me your “Item Purchase Code” found in the license certificate in your downloads next the corresponding file, or reply here.

yours, var

  • Very light weight script and super simple to use. Great support too!

Hello donson8, Thank you very much for the feedback. Please do also leave a rating for the item so that you can help others decide if they want to buy this script.

Also check back in about a week for the new version, available to download for free, since you already purchased it..

Yours, var

Im looking for a script that shows me a notification when a user has filled some data does this do that?

Hello, You can issue a notification through javascript when the user fills in the data.

In short, yep :)

— Var