var does not currently provide support for this item.

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You should probably have some description of what your plugin does, for those of us who’ve never heard of “Notify Me (Non-WordPress edition)”.

Hello Drewapicture,

You are absolutely right! Thanks for the heads up. I will be adding the information later today.

Yours, Var

I still don’t understand how I could use this plugin? Please explain its use and give an example of an actual live website that uses it.

You can use it when you want to give your website visitors notifications at the top – middle – or end of a post or page.

I dont have an actual live website to show you but, its great if you want your visitors to be warned about warning..

Yours, var

I brought this item (for wordpress) I installed it, but where to configure it?

It gives some alert saying the element id has been set from 0 to 1???

please contact me through my profile. I will try get this sorted.

Hello, Thanks for plugin, funktionier great.

Can you tell me how do I change the location where the message seem so?

No matter what I do always seems the first thing I would like to have in the middle or at the end of the message



This is a known problem, that I’m trying to resolve. Once, I fix it, it will be pushed as a free update to all who have purchased this plugin.

— Var

Thanks, we will get it fixed asap.


Pre sale question :

Can this notify if new post(s) is/are published while the user is reading with number of posts published ?! Like facebook new feeds notification buttton

Best regards Ayman

Hello AymanEG. Unfortunately no, not at the moment.

Thanks for your interest!