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Really, it’s awesome. Actually i was searching such a essential system like NotifyDimen to organize acknowledgements of my email recipients.

Thanks a lot!!!!

This script seems to forget that gmail, one of the most popular ways people access email, disables images for people by default upon the first contact one with another.

So the script turns more into a, “did they click the button that enables images in your email.”

Not sure there’s any alternative, however.

We have tested several times in gmail, and found it is working nicely. So hoping gmail will not make any problem. Thanks.

hello, I want to ask about ability to track more than one email, or it’s just one email available to track {{ this important point before purchasing }} ?

The system is able to notify you with more than one email, but then notification will be sent by one name just. Thanks.

so, if I send a bulk email , I should create the notification manual and also every name just then, it’s hard work , can you adjust the script to handle this issue in order to have ability to send for example 20,000 email ?

Sorry to say, that is not technically possible in this way. We need to go to another way for that you want. Thanks.

Pre-sales question Do i need to generate new image code for every email that i send? or can i generate a image code, insert inside my signature and will track every email that i send using that email account?


Yes, you need to generate new image for individual email. Because you need to identify every email with its Receiver and subject.

Hi. Is there a user system where multiple users can sign up to the service?

Sorry this feature is not currently available in this product. Thanks.

How to change notification email? with my branding.

Thanks for purchasing this product. You want to change the sender email? Then please follow these steps: Or anything else? Please let me know?

This script is NOT working. I installed it then when i click Login.

It goes to 404 error

We are sorry and apologize for this. Can you please send an email to our support? at We will be happy to support on your problem. Thanks.

Hi, it’s great but how about utf-8 code support? I can’t use it with Chinese text! Would you support it for new upgrade?

Hi, the mail content shows: ” Subject : Hi, Arvin! 抱歉...ç›®å‰ æ‰‹æ©ŸQQ一直無法正常使用...ä½ ä¸Šæ¬¡èªªçš„å ‡ç´šéœ€æ±‚ç›®å‰ å¦‚ä½•å‘¢?Sent At : 04/03/2015 03:56:27 AMOpened At : 04/03/2015 04:08:46 AM” , I think it not supports the Chinese language … please upgrade this issue, thanks!

We are updating it very soon and letting you know. Thanks.

Hello, we have updated our product with utf-8 character support. You can test it in demo. It is submitted and waiting for approval, that will take some time. But if you want we can email you the updated copy if you purchase the item. Thanks.

How hard would it be to allow other users to create an account to use the system – each with their own dashboard?

Would a developer be able to do this relatively easy?

We do not think that will be too hard. But you can also hire us to do that. Thanks

Do you have a price in mind?

May be it will be better if we talk by our private email. Please send me email at

You thought about adding features such as:

You thought about adding features such as:

Hi Neno, I have checked the site you provided. That application is very fine but I think this application is made with some association with Gmail. And does not support another email service. But our service supports all email. Another thing that service still does not support Firefox but our application support all popular browser. Thanks for your comment.

Hello, I corrected the htacces file to correct the error. As against the .gif file seems not to work! I open the .gif document directly from the browser to do a test is nothing works. I think the error come from htacces file .. Your program is also in a subdomain: Can you help me? Kind regards, Jean-Pierre DIAZ site web :

Please add me in skype so I can support instant. ID: nazmul.hosan24

I made a request skype, thank you

Does it count the loads of the image? Or is it possible to see what specific email got opened?

Actually you need to generate individual image for every email. If you do this, you will be able to identify by subject that which email got opened. And sorry dear, I can not understand your first question. Thanks.

Does this script still,work? I want this and the letters script. Look great!

Hi, tested script, it’s not working. Can you fix it? If not, please refund my purchase. I was going to promote this to my list but it needs to work as advertised ;)

You forgot that you have taken LetterDimen from me. Thanks!

I didn’t forget.

Hello, After i bought the script i see it doenst work, it is not installed on my server and i like a refund please

Hello there, I am sorry that the script does not work. Actually we have mentioned it in our product details, at the top that the script is not working for technology change, we are working on it to figure out any way to make it working.

May be you missed that.

By the way please ask envato for the refund I will proceed with them when they will ask me.


ok thanks, i missed it indeed.

Hi did you test it on gamil?

Please dont buy this product this time. This is not currently working in gmail.

HI I’m interested in this product! Please email me when you get a chance – thanks my friend

Hi there, I just seen your message. Going to email you. Thanks!


Dreskii Purchased

I love your software and the concept. I use Mailtrack free version. I looked you up on CodeCanyon a while back, decided to pull the trigger today. After installing I get the following errors. Check out the video’s I put together for you.

1. After installation:

2. Logging in using the default password and Username you gave:

Hi there, Thanks for letting me know about your problem. Please don’t worry, it is a simple problem that causes in some servers. Please share me your ftp detail in my skype so that I can fix this simple problem. My skype id is: nazmul.hosan24 Thanks again!


Dreskii Purchased

I sent you 3 support request. Know you’re busy, would you be so kind and take a moment to reply to my last email. it is as follows… I love your software and the concept. I use Mailtrack free version. I looked you up on CodeCanyon a while back, decided to pull the trigger today. After installing I get the following errors. Check out the video’s I put together for you.

1. After installation:

2. Logging in using the default password and Username you gave:

let me know now, what I should do quickly. Thank you.

I’m requesting that you please finish repairing the script, I have installed it again on my server and updated the database.

I also sent you two skype messages

After several times of wrong ftp access I found your last one is working. Just hold on, I am working on it. Will not take long time. Thanks!