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Congrats on your first item and good luck with sales ;)


Congrats man! :) Good luck with sales:)


Can the box that pops up be in the center of the screen? If it can, then I will buy it! Thanks!

You can do it by adding one line of CSS in notifyui.css or in any other CSS file.

.notifyui#notifyui_t_r { left:50% !important; margin-left:-150px !important; top:40% !important; }

This will work if you use top right position (the default one).

If you don’t want to lose “top right” it will require some little updates to the script. If it is important for you to not lose one of the default positions I can code it.

Hi , following page is not opening in IE but opening in Firefox .


if i delete following line then page opens <script type=”text/javascript” src=”notifyui.min.js”></script>

would you suggest where i will paste above line so page open correctly.


Well the error which your JavScript has is not related to NotifyUI
Probably this error bugs the page under Internet Explorer. Also I don’t have any problem with the page using IE9 .

can you use “on hover” instead of “on click” the word that will activate NOTIFY U pop up??

You specify the event when the popup comes so Yes, you can show the popup on hover.
$(function() {
                $('a').mouseover(function() {
                        html : '<a href="#">Text</a> Lore ipsum dolor sit amet!'

Hi! Just wondering is it possible to set this notification plugin to auto popup (without clicking the button) when, for example, users log in? Also…is there a way to use HTML or hyperlinks in this notifications?

Thank you!

Yes you can call it on load (when the user logs in) or at ANY JavaScript event you know. Take a look at the previous post. I gave an example how to show the popup on mouseover. Just don’t wrap the $.notifyui in event onmouseover. You can add any HTML to the content.

I don’t understand how to customise the notification. There’s instructions on the index.html file to place a string but I’ve no idea how to do this.

I just want to change the theme to purple and the position to top


    html : 'Lore ipsum dolor sit amet!',
    position: 't',
    theme: 'purple'

Thank you 5 stars!

Thank you.

Hello sir, When iam clicking “one notifications is coming” fine, But when i click again it showing one more notification. Is it possible to overwrite previous notification ( can we avoid multiple notifications ) .Can u please help me regarding this issue , iam just working one site i want to avoid duplicate box. I need to hide previous notification when ever i click 2nd time

could u help me regarding this …?

It requires some plugin core edits. Can you please email me through my profile page.

nice job mate . good luck ^^