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Hi I am not able to embed youtube video iframe? when I hit save it stripe code out

hey wildme,

this is not possible at the moment. The message is filtered by wp_kses_post(https://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/wp_kses_post). You can change this yourself by removing the wp_kses_post function call in class-notifire-admin.php line 245 and 251. But bare in mind that putting everything unsanitized in the message might brake something.

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Moagi Purchased

Hello pre-purchase question wondering how customisable your plugin is please share your email address so i can show you my example

Hey Moagi,

all customizable settings are shown on the sales page. If your use case isn’t mentioned please contact us via the item support page https://codecanyon.net/item/notifire-wordpress-frontend-notifications/10584962/support.

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Hello i have a presale questions.

1. Just now we have 5 user roles. If the visitors sign in they become a user role 1. We will give first a notifi like: Welcome to our website. And when they become to user role 2 or higer we will give again a notifi like: Congratulations! You are now “User role 2”, etc. Is this possible?

2. For each user role we will give progress bar in 100% steps. Like: Step 1: Like us on facebook and reward 5 points. When they like us (the user get points in mycred. This is functionally possible in our website) the notifi must show now the step 2 with progress bar 10% completed. And show the progress notifi steps in percentage. Example the user role 1 have total 15 steps. When they complete 11 steps they must show 73% Completed. Get function in formule like 100/15 steps = 6,67×11 steps = 73. And can we give the steps in different colors. Example: Between 0-3 steps color Red. Between 4-10 steps color Oranje. Between 10-15 steps in color Green. The completed progress show in darker color and the left progress in lighter color. Is this possible?

3. If the user login. They must show the progress notify in what step they had stayed. Example. The user have role 2 and complete to step 5 of 10 steps. The progress notify show on bar Step 5. 50% completed. When the user login the next time the progress notify must show where there is stayed. Is this possible?

4. Show the notifi in selected pages and hide in other pages. Is this possible?

5. I see we can set the notify for user roles. We will give a notify message to selected user role. Only user role 3 will be notified. Example: We have update your Dashboard. Please take here a tour (give an url link to the tour). Is this possible.

6. When i surf on the demo site: https://notifire.pixel-pub.de/. I get message. And when i refresh the site i see again all the notifications. Can we hide some notification when they click on Ok or Close. And hide this for the next time? (set cookies). Is this possible?

7. I see the Notifire can be used in all languages. Is this compatible with WPML. Show the notifications only in selected language. Example: English selected: Weclome to our website. Dutch selected: Welkom op ons website. Hide the other language notifications. Is this possible?

I see this is one of best Notification plugin what i need. I am really interested.


that comment really took me some time to respond to :)

1. Should be possible by combining “show once per user” and role-based configuration.

2./3. The notification message is not dynamic and cannot be changed at runtime. Showing each user a personalized message is not possible at the moment.

4. This is possible. Uncheck display on all pages and select the ones you need.

5. Yes, role-based triggering is possible.

6. Yes, “once per user” is the setting you’re looking for.

7. No it is not compatible with WPML.

Greetings pixelpub

If i want to pay extra fee, can you make this features in your next update?

Hello altuner,

good news, i was wrong about dynamic content. It’s already there, have a look at the demo page over here https://notifire.pixel-pub.de/functionality/shortcode-evaluation/. Now, you could possibly add your own shortcode which assembles the messages you mentioned in 2./3. The shortcode itself is not included.

We are currently evaluating the possibility to integrate a multilanguage support like WPML into notifire.

Please send us an item support request so we can talk details about special solutions.

greetings pixelpub