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is it possible to add schedule / repeated feature for each notifications ? so they will active/inactive automatically but my settings, it sound make “notifire” to yet another new level

he jerryxng,

it is currently not possible to have repeated notifications. However you can schedule a notification to appear within a given time range.

Hi Pixelpub ! Hope you doing well … i purchased this plugin and installed on my two sites .. on one site its working fine but on one of my another site its not working, please help asap i wish notification should be show on my all sites once i installed this plugin !!

Hey AZrepair,

first of all thx for purchasing Notifire. We could only find one license associated to your account. In case you have a second one send us the license key. After this we can give you support for your second site.

Best regards PixelPub

Hi Pixelpub, let you know once i will purchase it for multi sites ! Thanks for Great Support !!

Will the Plugin work with WordPress 4.5.x?

Hello, some times notifications does not work on my website http://www.AZrepair.eu can you please check?

Thank you

just pre sales question. can i create a custom colors? it seem all the default colors not suit on my theme.

Hello alvin_cosio,

background color and font color is customizable per notification.

hey mate one more pre sales question for you. when i create a notifcation in the backend. the front-end users need to refresh their current page in order to get the notfication?

hey alvin_cosio,

that’s correct. The user has to refresh the page to see newly created notifications.

Hi there, is it possible to get the whole notification to link a URL & not only the link text? Thanks

Hey depietrijojo3,

It is not possible to make the notification element a link. Links can only occur within title and message content.

Best regard

I need to add a shortcode of a notification in a section of the page, which is the shortcode.

Hey carh18,

can you please explain your problem more exact.

Hi, what I want is that by means of a shortcode place a notification in any part of the page.


Hey carh18,

notifications are only managed via the Notifire submenu. You cannot trigger notifications by shortcode within the page.


How many scripts in total does it add?

And can it be selectively disabled on pages where it isn’t used?

Hey dessibob,

notifire adds 1 minified javascript and 1 minified stylesheet in the public part of wordpress. The backend adds 3 minified javascripts and 3 minified stylesheets. The plugin cannot be selectively disabled on specific pages.

Please add option to hide notification for certain amount of time or forever, only on clicking the CLOSE button.

hey ulgaming,

we noted your feature request!


Hey. Any chance to get your plugin to work with WP Super Cache?
The scheduling and one-time-per-user feature wont work at all.
For me these features are essentiel, but I can`t turn off WP Super Cache. Do you plan to update this plugin? And another question: What does translation ready mean? Is it compatible with WPML? Thanks!

hey StuWeTueHo,

notifire should work if you manually recache the pages after you edited any notifications. However scheduling and one-time-per-user feature wont work at all. This feature is on our wishlist. The plugin is not compatible with WPML.

Hi, Great plugin. Hope that the plugin still will be updated regularly, because the last update was more than a 14 months ago.

It would be awesome to use shortcodes inside the notifications. So that the content of the notificications can be generated dynamically.

Other feature request: Delay before show. Now the Notifications pops up directly. It would be nice if you could delay it a few seconds or wait untill the users scrolls.

Keep up the good work!

Hey Webcademy,

The shortcodes feature is already on the roadmap. The delay feature will be added at least to the wishlist.

At the moment im searching for some spare time to develop upcoming features ;) You’ll be informed ;)

Hello this plugin works only with latin languages why did not write work with only latin languages ? please refund..

Hello santor10,

as mentioned in the reviews section it is possible to use Notifire with bulgarian language. This depends on the charset of your wordpress installation. See also this example http://notifire.pixel-pub.de/languages/.

The maximum text length is 300 chars. This is not stated anywhere but can be changed quite easily if necessary. But beware that notifications above 300 characters might clutter your site.

FYI: It is sufficient to write one comment. You don’t need to spam comments and give a bad review without waiting for a reply. This is not the first time you had this problem, see https://codecanyon.net/item/vbulletin-latest-threads-wordpress-plugin/10176117/comments?page=2&filter=all#comment_15507261. We as an author will always do our best to help you. Flaming us is disrespectful.

Your writing is disrespectful.You must be correct… You do everything to not refund money ! You are not good author..If The maximum text length is 300 chars. you must write the item detail ! Let us we decide it is good or bad ! If i am spammer you are a scammer…

That’s not true. We do everything to help our customers. If you want us to help please use the contact form so we can get into detail.


Does it work with buddypress, like “you received a friend request from XYZ”?

Hey EzekielLoves,

this use case won’t work out of the box for two reasons. You would need to display notifications on a per user basis. Notifire can only show them on per role basis. Furthermore you’d need to generate notifications dynamically when a friend request occurs. Notifire does not have a programmatic interface for this.

Overall it is possible but you would have to code considerably much yourself.

Greetings pixelpub

Nice plugin! 1 Question: It’s support sound when notification appears? This is a good function i saw this function in this site: http://kaching.site/

Hey cristofari,

although your question is really old, I answer it for the record. Notifire does not support sounds.

Hi! Nice Plugin. About it I have a question, please:

How can I schedule a notification to appear within a given time range? (all the notifications appear at the same time on screen)

Thank You

Hey fernandosanti,

it is not possible to delay a notification. They all appear on the screen simultaneously.

Greetings pixelpub

Can I tricker this with query string?

hey mrintala,

I don’t fully understand your question. What does tricker mean?

Greetings pixelpub


Does this plugins work in Wordpress 4.9.4? Also, is it possible to add my own styles for the notification boxes?

Hey jch02140,

notifire will also work with WP 4.9.4. Background and text colors are set on a per notification basis and can be set in the backend menu. To change other styles you can add your own css via the customizer and modify the classes:

  • notifire-container
  • notifire
  • notifire-title
  • notifire-message
  • notifire-call-to-action

Greetings pixelpub


apophiss Purchased

how i remove its or hide it on mobile ? becouse its to big there!!!! thanks

Hey apophiss,

there is no direct option to hide notifications on mobile devices. You can use this custom CSS to achieve it by hiding the top level elements. Alter the max-width value to adjust the breakpoint at which notifications disappear. You can enter this CSS via Appearance > Customizer > Custom CSS within your theme.

@media only screen and (max-width: 600px) { #notifire-container { display: none; } }

Greetings pixelpub

May I ask if the condition can be triggered by add to cart action?

Hey aaronsoa,

notifications cannot be triggered by user actions like an add to cart button.

Greetings pixelpub