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Is it possible to get it to show at the top center?

Yes, I know, you set four positions and somebody comes along asking for aa different one :)

Yes, I’ll work on this within the next few days :)

Thanks, that’ll be great :)

Nice work but no help documentation given on how to use. Would expect some kind of documentation than to leave the buyer to figure out everything on their own.

All the documentation is supplied in the demo page. Please take a look and let me know if you need any other help? I could probably write some documentation and re-upload.

The demo html file does not show the code like the live preview of codecanyon does. Also, the style sheet is given in demo and not with main js file. I recommend you to write a small document explaining how to use (will take you 10 mins) but save your customers lot of time.

Also, I have 2 other suggestions- -Why not make the notifications scrollable along with the scroll of the page. -One should have the possibility to choose the location. Limiting it to just 4 places is kind of annoying.

How do you get this to work if you wish to display the notification on load of page? I used $(document).ready(function(). This works but as a side effect, it does not allow any other form to be posted back on the page! I had my login form which got disabled due to this jquery. Disappointing! Please provide resolution or else this is of no use!

it actually has its own window events that fire when the dom is in place just like jquery. All you have to do is make a notification, like normal, anywhere on the page and it will be displayed when the page has loaded ;) I do checks to see if you needed a notification to popup and if the page has not loaded, i queue it and display when it’s ready.

Can you please give me sample code to display a simple notification on page load? I am kind of lost now.

It’s the same code you use to make a notification normally. Just place it anywhere on the page.

And why would it interfere with my other form on the page? I have a login form shown as a thickbox which would not post because of this notification jquery on the page.

Can you email me a sample link or something?

I have removed this code from my site as I could not get it to work. I am now using another plugin. Sorry to say but am quite disappointed with your support.

If you were patient, I would have been able to help you with whatever support you needed. I have a full time job and cannot respond immediately. Please feel free to send me an email with any questions/concerns you might have if you switch back to CB Notifications for any reason. Good luck to you.

Thanks for your offer. I was actually on a deadline and waited for your reply for about 2 days. The problem I faced with this was that it would not let my login form to post (The form is contained in a window opened using the thickbox jquery) You might want to check if this works in such a scenario. Its possible that my website had some other issue which clashed with this. Anyway, I said before as well that I like your work and that is why I went ahead and bought it. Regards, Atul

Hi, I bought your file and same as Atul, waited your reply for 2 days. I’m facing problem with Fancybox instead of Thickbox. Fancy Box will not popup while i insert your code. Please help! I do love your code, easy to implement but if make my site clash with fancybox, I won’t use it. I need this to fix urgently. Please reply!

Hi, sent you a mail and waiting for your support. Thanks

Hi, I’m still waiting for your feedback, do you receive my mail?

Hi, just got the same problem, that the items do not start on page load like in the demo. I took your js-code of the demo and repalced it, and then it wprked, although it said i’m a pirate. Please check the js-files in the download, i think there is a problem.

Greets, Nenad

nice script, plug and play.. :)

How do I resize the boxes ?


I am not a developer and my knowledge of the codes is very poor.

Still I am able to follow the instructions if there is no database config is involved.

Shall i be able to install it properly on my site?

reply asap


Yes, you should be fine to install properly by yourself.

Please explain to me how i make a notification appear on page load without having to click a button? Thanks – Gavin

For reference, lookup on body load events in javascript. Here is some sample code:

<body onload=”$‘text’, ‘info’, {‘autoremove’ : false, ‘closeable’ : false});”>

and with jQuery:

$(document).ready(function(){ $‘text’, ‘info’, {‘autoremove’ : false, ‘closeable’ : false}); });

I also want to know that. Dude, for the god sake it will took you 5 minutes to write tiny “how to”. Not everybody are programists

For reference, lookup on body load events in javascript. Here is some sample code:

<body onload=”$‘text’, ‘info’, {‘autoremove’ : false, ‘closeable’ : false});”>

and with jQuery:

$(document).ready(function(){ $‘text’, ‘info’, {‘autoremove’ : false, ‘closeable’ : false}); });

hi, very nice idea and nice work for html how can embed in joomla for exam: module in html code ?

hey ravana, I’m not terribly familiar with Joomla, but a quick google search came up with this. let me know if it helps at all.

demo dont work :)

would love to see the demo also :)

LivePreview -doesn’t work. Are you still developing this script?

No, unfortunately. I’ve stopped supporting this script but it should still run perfectly fine (outside of live preview).