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Is it possible to integrate “Notification Center” with Wordpress? Any documentation available? I would like to know how before I purchase.

Hi. Massive apologies for the delay. Yes, it’s certainly possible, but I’ve never done it and I will be unable to provide you with documentation.

this is a great php script i’m using it in my big project(the increment buble) but i want to learn how can i close the buble with click outside the increment buble like close (X) button on the right top?

Would totally buy this if we can use it with wordpress.

Hello can your script generate a code for the end user to put it into his website code ? and if no , can you do it with extra ?

Well, Just bought the plugin.

But Notification list is not showing on bubble click. What am I during wrong?

Does it require that VERY specific JQuery UI?

Hi. Please email me via my profile page for support.

Do you offer licenses for SAAS implemetations where we have several customers who do pay for our service?

I’m having a little trouble setting up the PHP/MySQl version.

- I’ve created the MySQL DB via import - I’ve edited the Javascript for using PHP - Using the example / demo edited for server use - Im not sure where to put the connection string details in the PHP file - I found the instructions a little difficult to follow (might just be me)

Message sent via your profile page. Thanks,

Would really like a working PHP example code zip. Cant get it working