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Can I use this with wordpress ?

I’m sorry for a late reply… Anyway the notification boxes are built with html, css and javascript, so it can be you used in wp. The issue is you have to import all files into wp via script so you need some knowledge of wp framework….

You should convert it into a WP compatible file and sell it for $5 as a plugin.

I would have bought this if it was a plugin but I am no coder.

I know, I have to do this as soon as possible ;)

Hi there, Can i put clickable link in the box?

Yes, you can put everything you want in the boxes, because they have a standard html structure.

Is it possible to save a cookie, so the box stays away, if you click at it once and reload the page?

Firstly, great notification boxes!

We’re currently developing a premium wordpress theme and would like to include your notification boxes. I know the extended licence allows for this, but we always like to get permission from the authors. Would you mind if we did this and are there any restrictions you put in place? Obviously we’d only use the extended licence once per premium theme and will most likely buy more in future as we release more themes.

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No problem :) . You can redistribute the notification boxes inside the theme you are building. If you want, you can put a link to my profile page inside your template credits page.

One more thing. I’m building a new service to help my customers to send me support request. Can you test my support page at http://evographics.net/support/ ? Please choose “Marketplace Item Issue” from the subject field.

Very nice boxes ! One question. I want, that all these boxes was impossible to close, is this real ?

Does the notification box fade away by itself after a few (configurable) seconds?

Hi, you can add this simple code in notifications-script.js file.

setTimeout(function() {
}, 3000);

Replacing the 3000 value (3 seconds) with the time you like. Note the time is expressed in milliseconds.

Hi there,

I’d like to follow up on some of the older comments. I really like your work and want to use it in Wordpress site. I’m not a coder and don’t really want to hire a developer just to get this working.

So have these been made as a plugin yet ? WP friendly ?


Hi, I’m sorry but this item is not a wordpress plugin. It’s just pure css and html. A WP version was not built yet.

i want to put a notification on the top of a page, how can i do it

Follow the documentation…

Notification stays forever ? until we click close icon ?

The notification boxes was made for developers. So you need to build the behavior of notification. The item provide you the layout only…

Hi!, I need to put notification on my web (top position) but let user to do some work with web without need to click on notification or wait if notification go away. Is it possible? Thx!

The notifications are just pure HTML and CSS. You need to implement behavior by yourself.

can I add cookies with an additional text that “never show this message” ?

The notification boxes are simple HTML. You can build your own functionality

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