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thx for the reply. I didn’t see them in the demo so I thought I would ask you..


Oh! Maybe, I’d forgotten it that time. Anyway, thanks for reminding me :)

We stripped your Lib folder apart.

Added the js / css / images in respective folders.

Now the cookie persistenace doesnt work. Yet there seems to be no path to cookies set anywhere, so wondering why it isnt working ?

Any suggestions.. I must have missed something very very obvious.

Oh btw we are using jquery 1.5.2

Ok seems I had missed div id=”wrap” out.

Oops. my bad.

As others have said though, the notification still displays for a split second. when page is reloaded. Any suggestions ?

Ok we now have this fixed.

One of the php gurus in our office wrote a small code snippet to fix the above issue.

Where you have :

<div id="wrap">

Change to.

<div id="wrap"<? if ($_COOKIE['notification_0'] == "hidden"){?> style="display:none;"<?}?>>

Hope this helps others.

Thanks mate! :)

I had this fixed but obviosuly I didn’t push the update. I’m definitely going to add your solution to the documentation ‘cause I’m not sure if anyone would like PHP here… ;) Thanks, anyway

No problems. For us PHP is the only solution available to use, working on a member system exceeding 20,000 and multiple notiications.

Good script. Good Work, thanks

Glad to hear that. ;)

Do notify me of any features you’d like to see in the upcoming file or any bugs you find.


I just got my hands on your file, very nice. I have some preexisting jquery files on my site already and when down load yours to my site, there was some conflict. Is there a way to bypass this so that things works the way it suppose to?


Open custom.js and remove the first line


Subsequently, change every


If you need any help, please drop me a mail from my profile :)

Nice work mate!

Thank you! Rating would be appreciated :)

Hi, I can put link or button inside the box?

I don’t think it would be any problem ;)

Great work. I love it ! :D Thanks.

By the way, it’s not very important but is there a way to reduce panel size instead of closing it ? I want open panel again. Like spoiler in the forums. When i click to panel it’s height will reduce, when i click again it will back to original height.


Thanks a lot. :)

That would take some coding, feel free to fire me up via my den here in case you want that ;)



Can i configure the box so it cleses automaticly after example 5 sec. ?

THX Great Job


I have written the code for you. Please DM me so that I can send you the updates JS file :)

Regards - H

Would you condsider using FatCow’s 3000 icons? I could draw some speacially for your code.

I don’t understand what you mean.

Hi! please one question. if i dont want the notification shows up again when the page reloads what i have to do? Thank in advance!

Hey konstantinos,

In custom.js, set hideClosedBoxes to true :)

Hello HaziqMir.

My question is simple. I need a button to “close” to close the entire div.

<i class="deleteicon success closeable">cerrar</i>

With this only closes the me. Is there any easy solution?