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cool boxes :) good luckk

Thanks, mate! ;)

i really like how they look :) good luck with sales

Thanks! Appreciate that :)

Very good, altho I did run into a little issue. I find that I need more height with some of my alerts when using the Ocean style. Is there any way you can include the PSD files or make the alert boxes taller?


Since the ocean style uses images, I’ll have to send you the psd, which I’m not sure if I have. I’ll try to fix it for you, ASAP :)

thanks, its a great notification system just needs a little tweaking to make it universally adaptable for all types of alerts ;-)

Hey, check your mail :)

Very good my friend, bought it instantly :)

Thank you! :)

Do rate the file (in case you haven’t already) ;)

Hi, we are having the same problem as @s2xi because our messages are longer than 1 line. Can you also send me the PSD /larger images.

Can I have your email?

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Hey! Sorry for the delay! Check your inbox :)

— Haziq

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Can’t find a way to show/hide one particular notification box with jQuery. The method .show and .hide don’t work. :(

I got it! Don’t know why but the main function changes the ID of the boxes for “notification_x” where x is 1 for the first box, 2 for the second, etc.


does the trick! ;)

Glad you found out! ;)

I also had to change this function:

function fadeItSlideIt(object) { object.animate({ opacity: ‘toggle’, height: [‘toggle’,’swing’] },300, ‘swing’); }

“animate” is the way to go. If not then the second time I show/hide the box, it becomes invisible.

I love your boxes. I made them as a Server Control in .NET, that is so convenient! Thanks!

Can you put time limits on how long the message can be hidden for using a cookie?

Yes, you can.

Very nice work !

do that is RTL version to Persian language?