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Hi, what is the username/password for demo ?

Having some trouble getting this installed on a digital ocean LAMP setup. Followed the install directions from the manual, but I’m getting a 500 error when accessing the subdomain. I know apache is correctly configured, because an index.html in the folder shows up over http. Other domains on this server are using PHP, so it’s probably not that. Any help?

Hi there and thanks for purchasing! Sounds like rewriting may not be correctly configured on the server, because the .htaccess files should automatically take care of redirecting the requests to “app/webroot” (or they were deleted). Alternatively, the best solution is to set “app/webroot” as the DocumentRoot of the subdomain. Anyhow, glad to hear it’s in working order!

But I have another question… When I click “insert image” I don’t see the upload/browse button…


You can activate that function in the admin’s settings screen.

i translate to spanish… and make the process of the documentation, but not work…. i clear the cache in the temp folder and nothing… i dont understand, im using: spa_es folder, and activated the global classes Spanish and nothing !

how can i disabled the mail confirmation?...

I’ve been looking at this for some time and see other alternative …but see un-supported comments elsewhere!

Is this worth the effort? It look great but to buy it, it needs some life injected.


Potential buyer

Has issues it seems. Tried to add notes, nothing, nowhere to be found. Some notes don’t change, cant save, etc. Too bad, great little app

Yes, any and all deletions/additions/updates are disabled on the demo site and whenever you try to perform one, a small pop-up lets you know that the system is in “demo mode”. I may need to think about making that more obvious. The non-demo version is obviously fully functional. Thanks!

Thanks. Would you mind installing it for me? ill buy now. I am a trainwreck with databases and will mess it up and cant spend hours working on it. Please? :)

how can i disabled the mail confirmation?...

Hi there! Which email notification are you referring to?

I am interested in this, is there any possibility of drawings being included, where drawings can be done in the actual notes

Hi. Looks great! I have a few questions. 1. I am using wordpress and does it possible to use this script on the same domain and directory with my site and is there some problems possible and/or limitations? 2. Is there a possibility to sync WP users and script users so a member who registers on site do not need to register again to use notes?

can you update this to work with php7?

Login not working

You need to remove Envato’s/CodeCanyon’s preview frame – then it’ll work.

Hya! I’ve a presale question. Is there kindalike a note expiration/notification/setlastday function?

Hi! Will upgrade to php 7 ?

So i’m following your documentation and I get the godaddy error. When I click the link in the pdf to show me what to fix, it goes to a 404. Pretty disappointing. Please help, now I am stuck.

Could you please try these instructions?

is any update on the way?


fossing Purchased

I am disappointed I can’t even install. No help, no nothing. Very sad.

Does this work? Should I buy this?

Hi, I ran the upgrade few times and it doesn’t seem to be upgrading properly. I am uploading the (v1.3.1) to the base install. When i go to the directory it asks me to upgrade however it never works. How do i go about upgrading as i need the image upload.