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Is the update almost here?

Still not completed

Hello i was wondering if there was going to be any update to this script?

We are trying our best to provide an update as soon as possible :)

Hello i got a small problem with your script some odd reason when i create a noted it creates one but in the create.php page i can not copy the link.

the other problem is when i manually copy the link and give it to a friend of mine and he/she clicks on it and on there end it says Opps!, Note not found, It may be destroyed before they even look at the note. Can you please help me out?

I thought it was the script was having problems so i deleted it and now i downloaded the new copy and its telling me can’t install because of database i put correct database information in and won’t let me install it.

Thank you.

Small problem with your code well it’s not your code it’s facebook. When posting a note link in facebook messenger it activates the link as if the link is open and it destroyed the note. I have tested this on 4 friends and all come up with the same problem. Maybe you can look into this and come up with a fix please.

Hello I was wondering if this problem has been fixed with facebook activating the links before anyone can read them?

We have made a fix and the script update will be out soon.

I found kinda away around your facebook problem i ran your noted link url though your url shortner site and i posted the short url link on my facebook page and it works the noted didn’t mess up. Just wanted to let you know.

was the problem with facebook messenger fixed already as stated by @josephchrzempiec?

This problem was solved before, we are trying to get it resolved as soon as possible.

Sorry for late reply!

Can you let this script also allow the user to input the persons email instead of copying and pasting/sending the link just like the idea of snap it .. please consider adding this to your update./

Thanks for your suggestion :)

The demo does not copy the link when you click the copy button. Has that been fixed on the downloadable version?

Is there a way to “reset” the fields to blank?

The Copy button will be removed from the script. Just because it depends on the flash which doesn’t work perfectly in many browsers.

The reset button can be easily add to the script.

Thanks :)

I want to purchase this script but am concerned about security. What (if any) encryption is used to store these messages?

There is no encryption currently, but you can use your own in easily :)

any news or update? demo dont work :/

Thanks for reporting, we will fix that soon.

It’s possible to dont self destructed?


please add password protection feature please soon within a week and release so that the script would be completely in professional touch

Ok, thanks for suggestions!