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hi nice job this first purchased and first comment for you :)



How many divs are using to do this notebook ?

What about Video ? I don’t understand what’s this..

Hi Guys, glad your liking the Notebook,

@ghohan Congratulations for being the first, and of course, thank you!

@Mewa Yes there is alot of divs, not in access to the files at the moment but there are a few, few sections (html5) also to make it semantic.

@arrowart Sorry bout that! Yours looking nice but the reason I first thought of it is to use the screen for recent website work

@TudorB As mentioned in the last reply I thought of to use for my portfolio website but other than that, a bit of fun. I have thought of a video if people request it.

I will always try and reply to questions that people have, also, feel free to email me if more advice is needed. Is my first item on here, hopefully of many

Thinking about purchasing. Can you adjust the size off the embed onto your webpage via the CSS or is locked at a full screen mode? I am creating a live webstream page where you watch a video and have the notebook area under the video to take notes. Another option that would be great is to be able to share your notes via email to yourself for those on Ipads and other mobile devices. Your thoughts? Noty is great but its buggy on mobile os. Thanks a lot.

@rivera316 Yes the CSS file is very clean and simple to read to easily manipulate the size of the screen. Yea sounds really good, great idea. Definitely something that I can imagine a lot of people would find helpful. Anything I can do to help, please, just let me know. Best via Twitter – @jonleesmith

good job , very nice

Good Work! Congratulations!