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nice sir :) thanks

oh okay sir thanks before :D .. why the size of the image after uploaded “shrinking”? unlike the original size.

It is shrinked for a fast processing, but you can change the “shrink” size by editing the configuration file. Contact me by email so I can send you a new upload.php file which doesn’t resize images (but it may be slower if your image is too big).

thank you for the best providing sir.

Hi, great work ;)

Can you make some updates?

1) file output in the same size of original. (most important).

2) download button for save image simply.

3) modern style uploader with loading bar and %

4) send image to social networks. (great feature for mobile).


Thanks, 1/ Please check the FAQ 2/ When clicking the save buton, you can either display the image or a page. You can set this in the configuration file. 3/ It’s not html5 nor flash nor comet, so no, it’s not possible with the current code. 4/ Sharing content is better handled with a service such as “Add this”

Nice! Easy to play with :) great stuff.

Is it possible to make a rotate function?

Thank you very much, feel free to post a comment or message me if you have any questions.

Well… if it’s possible to rotate a picture after upload :)

Feel free to send me an email so we can discuss this further

In your FAQ, what do you mean by “change the png files in the effects directory with high resolution images.”?

Do you mean all the effects are just a png overlay?

If this is how the effect is accomplished, are you saying that there are high resolution pngs provided, or that we must create new effects if we wish to disable the converting of images to small ones, as seen the in the live demo?

Yes, vintage effects are png overlays (as seen in the video preview), and there are no high resolution png. This script is not intended to work with large images, since it’s using GD (so it can run on shared hosting). For large images with high quality png overlays and random vintage / noise generation, a dedicated host with IM6+ and some sh script knowledge should do the trick.

Are the images in the demo as large as what looks good with the original png overlays, or would the original png overlays look good at a bigger resolution, say something within 1024×768 size?

png images are 400×400 24b png files, but you can easily replace them with a specific size

There should be way to add watermark to images after they edited.

you rocks…


Can we have insert image from link option?

depending on your server configuration and php version, it could be done as custom work. Is allow_url_fopen set to on or is your php version 5+?

yes ofc, can you do this?

yes, email me and I’ll send you a working demo link

Nice!!! I Love it!!!

Thank you for your purchase & comment

Hi! Nostalgia is help me a lot!!! I love it!

How can I set blur to none at default setting? and Hope can fine tune contrast and brightness using value input form at future update.

many thank.

Thanks. To fix Blur : For already made filters, you can delete all instances of “imagefilter($im, IMG_FILTER_GAUSSIAN_BLUR);” from the php files inside the filters directory using the replace fonction of notepad++. For new filters, open admin/index.php and change echo ‘1’; to echo ‘0’; at line 372

thx for fast response

Hi i have purchased the theme, i would like to know if i can add new effects made by photoshop, is it possible ?

And if i can ask, can you add a opacity tool for the effects ? because some are very strong and would be nice if the users can reduce the opacity.

Let me know !! thanks

Hi, thanks for your comment. Effects created using photoshop cannot be used since it’s a totally different code. To change the opacity on existing filters, open a filter file, and at the last line add : imagecopymerge ($im,$src_img,0,0,0,0,$width,$height,50); where 50 is the opacity

Heyy, how can I fix that problem?

Fatal error: Call to undefined function imagefilter() in /home/www/web336/html/effect/include/filters/bnw/dirt.php on line 56

Hi, this could mean : you don’t have php5 but php4. you have php5 but it’s not bundled with php. Depending on your host, you should either force php5 in htaccess or php.ini (or ask your host to force it/bundle gd.)

Fixed, thank you ;) I have put the php from php5.2 to php 5.3 ;)

Thanks for the fast support :D

90% of the effects doesn’t work, it loads only a long time, whats the problem??

17 days ago it seemed to work (see your reply above). Email me your php info

And either 0% work or 100%, it cannot be 90% since all filters function the same way. Feel free to get back to me with your php info / host specs

which are difference between photographia and nostalgia?

One has standard filters (emboss, blur, contrast, dither) while the other only has vintage & retro filters

Hello, I do not want to upset all the changes of my site, you can just tell me what files I need to replace to upgrade?

Hi. to add the new filters, upload the include/filters/vintage folder and the images 63 to 73 from the effects folder. to use the url upload, you’ll need to upload include/upload-remote-file.php and then use the form code found in index-url-file.php and use it in your old index.

Please I need an autodeleter for upload and download images.

Hello (Sorry about my English)

I bought your code and I would like to know ,Is there any possibility to be sure that the amount of storage of the output folder will be limited (ie files over a certain period automatically removed) size of the output folder really big and takes up a large volume from the hosting

The script doesn’t have that feature, but you can do it using the answer provided by NoLifeKing : http://stackoverflow.com/questions/11360710/cron-job-delete-all-files-inside-a-specific-folder

does it work php 5.2 ?

did you have a chance to look into it?

Already sent you an email yesterday, I need your phpinfo (the link you sent didn’t work) but chances are, your php version is not bundled with GD, hence imagefilter() doesn’t work. In the description, the following is stated : “PHP5 and GD (bundle) are required.”

sorry but I did sent you yesterday…sending you again thru your profile.

Hi, is there an option for changing the folder images for each category? like: Color have his own folder, Misc. has his own folder and so own.


Hello, sorry my english is bad. My question; The “image upload” button, like your reference on your site. I want to do it. I want to have “upload image” or “image url” on the my site page. Thank you.

Visitors can upload images from the computer. No, Write Image Url Yes, Select Image from Computer …

This code, not upload Image from Computer… Just, write image link and submit. I want to upload pictures from the computer.

Code: <!-form start-> <form action=”include/upload-remote-file.php” method=”post” enctype=”multipart/form-data” id=”imageuploadform”> <input name=”imagefile” id=”file” type=”text” /> <input name=”submit” id=”submit” type=”submit” value=”submit” /> </form> <!-form end->

then use index-upload-file.php