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Hello, is there an option for push notifications?

Hi webwist, we have not that option for that yet.

hello can we talk in private please ??

Hi yassinedev, you can chat or email me : envato.whitetroops@gmail.com.

Hola buenas tardes una pregunta, sobre el botón de Rate, por alguna razón no la veo activada y no encuentro donde se esta manifestando en en al mainActivity estoy buscando mal?

Hi, English please… :-)

Hello I have purchase the license for the source code. Can you tell me the dependencies class path build:gradle this application was build. It shows 2 errors everytime I run app.


“error: Not a PNG file Error: java.lang.RuntimeException: Some file crunching failed, see logs for details”

Did you add new png file?
I think that error from some image that changed to PNG with “inproper way”.

Please check your PNG images and try to temporary replace with other “fine” PNG file. Let’s see the result.

I found another solution for that.
Try to move the project folder to shorter path.
I don’t know how in mac, but in windows is like:
Let me know if it work.
Have a nice day!

Hey Thank you. The first one you send me was the correct one it was with a photo.

Hi are you making anything new in the future ?? Because this app is very good and i hope to see something new from you !! :)

Hi Frankyz, Of course, I will make something new in the future. Actually I’m studying android from my brother right now (He is specialized in android). I’m still new in this are, since my background is IT Infrastructure. So I need to learn many more android material in order to provide good product here. :-)

Can you please add alarm and notification for these activity. Then i can purchase it.

Hi, sorry for late response. The alarm feature is not top list for future update. But I will inform you when it’s available. Have a nice day!

Hi, would be possible to align FloatingActionButton (id/fab) in right corner bottom? Because I can’t align in the FrameLayout, any suggestion?

Hi Rafael, Do you add new FloatingActionButton? Maybe you can add the code in the activity_main.xml and do the align.

Hi, Looking very decent app. Before purchasing I would like to know… - Is there any documentation included with the source code..? - Any coding skill required :p ?


Hi web4am, sorry for late response. I include the simple code documentation fo example, how to add category, how to change icon, etc. The coding skill required is android native programming(java & xml). Have a nice day!

mas bro, bisa gak ditambah kode akses sebelum masuk aplikasi biar jadi private note, biar orang lain selain yang tau kodenya gak bisa buka. btw sukses ya bro, semoga laris

Terima kasih masukannya Mas, akan dipertimbangkan untuk pengembangan selanjutnya. :-)

Hello, I recently updated the application, the user’s data has been deleted. Why are the data being deleted? Do I need to change the database version? Thanks

Hi, Sorry for late response, I’ve been on remote area recently. What version do you upgrade the app? Thanks.