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Does it works only with wordpress? or on html templates also?

This is extension plugin first you need to grab “Ad Plus List Building Popup” a wordpress popup plugin after that if you need to disply popup on any non wordpress site then grab “Non Wp PopUp” and activate plugin on wordpress this will allow you to disply popup on any NON-WORDPRESS site.

Please view “screenshot” ( http://codecanyon.net/theme_previews/4974259-non-wp-popup ) this will explain more about this extension wordpress plugin.


I don’t want to spend other money to activate the non Wp popup plugin what can i do?

Please follow below 2 instruction manual:

1. http://bit.ly/11W8KEJ 2. http://bit.ly/1ceu2Dq

If you still face same warning message please post your problem on our support center ( http://bit.ly/Y3eUFG ) and we will look at your problem.


i don’t have purchased ‘Ad Plus List Building PopUp’ plugin… The “Non WP popup” plugin is only an extension? Thanks

Yes, “Non WP popup” plugin is ONLY an extension of plugin “Ad Plus List Building PopUp” ( http://codecanyon.net/item/ad-plus-list-building-popup/4515145 )

Please grab “Ad Plus List Building PopUp” a wordpress plugin and display popup on any non-wordpress sites in just few mins.


i dunno how to work this out. I bought both extension and ad plus. it did not work for me. PLease give more detail info. Thanks. The embed button did not show up for me to click

Please follow manual URL ( http://bit.ly/17ZWNmQ ) for complete manual.

How our system works???

1st: You need auto-responder service like aweber, mailchimp or any self host email system to use ad plus plugin.

2nd: You must activate ad plus on your wordpress site and you must grab HTML CODE provided by your auto-responder service and place it on ad plus so that our system can connect with your auto-responder service : MANUAL URL ON HOW TO ADD HTML CODE: http://bit.ly/YLJyoC

3rd: Display your ad or option or html or IFRAME popup on ANY suitable place of your choice : MANUAL URL ON HOW TO DISPLAY POPUP : http://bit.ly/ZaSCmb

4th: If you plan to display popup on any non-wordpress site just activate our extension plugin Non Wp Popup. and follow manual URL: http://bit.ly/1ceu2Dq


P.S: If you need more help just inform us immediately.

thanks for prompt reply. I did everything was able to get optin to show up. But the embed code link did not show up. I wanted to embed the pop up in html site.

Have you created CUSTOM popup, if you have creating one and searching for embed code then i am afriad to say non wp popup does not provide embed code for custom popup, non wp popup only create embed code for optin popup and ad popup.

Note: our next upgrade to non wp popup may support custom popup for non wp sites


Hello, would like to purchace that product – do you have a translation to german? Thanks!

We dont have any translation system but plugin easily support german language


I want a refund. I didn’t know you will have to install it on Wordpress to make it work, even with the non-wp version. Please can you refund me?

Hi namhostbla,

Our product page clearly talk about need of “Ad Plus List Building PopUp 2.5 (a wordpress plugin) or later” for Non Wp PopUp to work.

Anyways, sometimes mistakes can occur also we are sorry to inform you saying… payment process are strictly handle by envato, which means you have to raise support ticket to envato for the sales/refund process.


Can I make onclick popup with this?

Sorry non wp popup does not allow onclick action. But, this feature will be available on our next version.


But I just read the update history of wp version: UPDATE 3.2 – 11/08/2013 - FIX: OnClick Issue for jquey version 1.9+

What does it mean?

‘Ad plus list building popup’ 100% support onclick action but since you post the query on the extra pack section for ad plus i.e on ‘non wp popup’ add-on section.

Thats why we reply to you saying using extra pack you cant implement onclick action on any ‘non wp sites’.



I’m interestingg by your plugin but please can you say me if I can I have a popup with login form inside ?

Something like that :

If you are member connecting here

login :

pass :

If you are not member join us : click here!

Thanks Stane

YES you CAN use shortcode to display login form on your wordpress site using ad plus.


ok right, well this plugin is not for Wordpress… but why classify it in Wordpress plugin if it’s not the case… ?

First, Non Wp PopUp, is an add on for ‘ad plus list building popup’ and need wordpress environment to install the plugin.

Second, once this plugin is active, ‘ad plus list building popup’ will allow created popup to display on any non WordPress site.


Hola, Funciona en WP 3.9 ??? Gracias.

100% it works with WP 3.9


Hello, I want to add your lightbox in php script , is it right ?

‘Non Wp PopUp’ is an ADD ON script for ‘Ad Plus List Building PopUp’ ( http://codecanyon.net/item/ad-plus-list-building-popup/4515145 ), Once you activate both the script ‘ad plus’ and ‘non wp popup’ you can display your create popup on any ANY SITE.


may I ask you to install your lightbox on my php script with extra ?

Please contact our support center ( http://bit.ly/VJm1pt ) if you looking for any custom work.