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If this is a ‘NON-WORDPRESS’ popup script, why is it in the ‘Wordpress’ category on CC? It is very confusing between this one and your other one (http://codecanyon.net/item/ad-plus-list-building-popup/4515145). The sales pages are almost identical, only this one is for non-wordpress?

Your other ‘Ad Plus List Building Popup’ plugin clearly says in the main sales graphic that it is ALSO for ‘Non-WP pages’ as well.

Why have these as separate products? Why not just have 1 product that lets the user do WP and non-wp all in one?

‘Non Wp Exit PopUp’ is an EXTENSION plugin for ‘Ad Plus List Building PopUp’. Just manage your exit popup using wordpress plugin ‘Ad Plus List Building PopUp’ and if you planning to use exit popup on ANY Non-WordPress sites then use our Extension wordpress plugin ‘Non Wp Exit PopUp’

How Non Wp Exit PopUp works?

When you activate wordpress extension plugin (Non Wp Exit PopUp), ‘Ad Plus List Building PopUp’ will provide you piece of JavaScript code for exit popup to display on any non-wordpress sites.

Just use provided JS code on any NON-WORDPRESS sites for exit popup to take effect.


P.S: Please view Screenshot on how ‘Non Wp Exit PopUp’ works: http://bit.ly/1bLPbtF

You advertise on your other plugin (Ad Plus List Building Popup) one of the features being that it works on non-wp pages. See screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/IGkWCxm.png

Your second last feature point is “display… IN ANY NON-WORDPRESS SITE”. So if that is true, can’t I just use the main plugin to make it work on non-wp sites… why buy this addon?

Yes, we have place it only because right below main sales page of “ad plus list building popup” there is “non wp popup $6 ( works on any non-wordpress site)”

This is mis-leading.

Can you please let us know the part that is being mis-leading.


I just had a quick thought that I wanted to share with anyone who is looking at purchasing this or any of this company’s products:

This product’s creator clearly explains that this product is an “add-on” product which extends the functionality of the main product, “Ad Plus List Building Popup”.

This “add-on” product allows us to implement exit popups onto our non-WP sites. But we MUST first create these exit popups by using the main product, “Ad Plus List Building Popup”

Even though this add-on product allows us to utilize the exit popups on “non-Wordpress” websites, it is in fact, a Wordpress Plugin.

The important facts are as follows:

1) This add-on product is a WP Plugin that MUST BE PURCHASED ALONG WITH “Ad Plus List Building Popup”

2) This WP Plugin allows you to add the exit popups that you made using the main product, “Ad Plus List Building Popup”, onto “non-WP” websites

3) Both this “add-on” product and the main product, “Ad Plus List Building Popup”, are both WP Plugins and you can only utilize the functionality by first adding these two plugins to a Wordpress website

To Product Seller: Feel free to use this text inside your product pages. All I ask is that you continue creating awesome products that I can use on my non-WP websites.

Well written :), we will immediately include this all on our ’ Non Wp Exit PopUp’ page. Thanks for coming up with the detail.

Thank you

amazing plugin but didn’t work on Firefox

Found there is alert(popmsg) which is causing the issue on firefox, we have already upload the item for approval for next version, it will take time to appear as update version. so please follow below manual process to fix the issue.

1. Go to plugin -> Editor

2. Select “Non Wp Exit PopUp” form the list (its on top right section)

3. click on “non-wp-exit-popup/jscall.php” from the list

4. hit “Ctrl+F” and search for alert(popmsg) this will pin point to the location where you have to change.

5. Replace “alert(popmsg)” to “return(popmsg)”

6. Hit Upload File

you will see no error on Firefox


please tell me can you ad geo targeting , so i can load popup on remote non wp site only for some country

Thanks for feature request, we will see what we can do about geo targeted.


Thank you for respond, I will INSTANT buy your plugins if you implement geo targeting :)

Are we able to extend the callback on non wp sites for all the main plugin functions or just exit pop? This is unclear and why would anyone want just a plain exit pop without a front end CTA? They wouldn’t. Please clarify that with the extend plugin we get functionality on non wp sites.

This add-on will just display “Exit JS Popup” on any NON WORDPRESS site.


Why? VERY misleading offer when you have images of optin forms and such. You need to be CLEAR about this as we don’t get our money back when we buy and most people are thinking they will get the optin creator function on HTML sites..Right now it is very deceptive advertising

We will change our landing page soon.


can u give a documentation how to edit and upload it on my website?

you must have “Ad Plus List Building Popup” first to make non wp exit popup work.


Do you have ad plus plugin