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login details not working


Sorry for this. Try this: Username: demo Password: 123456



additional payment gateways recommended.


Do you have any suggest?


Hi, will you have

1. recurring monthly billing paypal payments?

2. ability to make packages pages (ex. bronze, silver, gold) to sell recurring services.



1. Unfortunately, there isn’t any monthly billing payments right now, becouse I don’t have any ideam that how should a montly billing system work. I’ll be happy to hear about it.

2. Yes, NodPay is absolutely made for the businesses that want to sell recurring services. On NodPay you will set some fee with title and descriptions than the customers will able to select them to pay.


1. Give user ability to make membership pricing tables with different levels

Ok! I’ll process it. Thanks

Very Amazing Work! GLWS :)

Thanks ;)

Great Work, Congratulations GLWS :)

Thank you so much ;)

You need to make client address details required before moving onto PayPal If your selling a physical product currently client can buy without providing delivery address

I understand – I sell online but only sell a few products, so a shopping cart is just over kill, this is great for people selling a service, I like the way you go straight to the invoice – but even if there’s no product, a purchase can be made without completing all client details. Just a suggestion – Let me know if you implement – I’ll be first to buy. Great Work & Good luck with sales

Unfortunately, I can’t make a promise to add this option for the next version, but I’ll process this possibility.

Except this, I’m planning to publish a new Web-App(a very simple web-shop) to the businesses that have a few items to sell. Maybe that would be what you looking for.

For now, you can take a look at my Business Contact Manager, maybe it will help you to online sell products.


Great Thanks – Looking forward to seeing your new New Web-App

Access denied on member list but I want to know if you can select a particular member and send him/her a payment link(for that member only) to follow and complete the transaction? thanks


This feature is not in NodPay, but you can find it on Business Contact Manager.

On Business Contact Manager you can create an invoice than send it to a user or an email address.


Hi the french language it is available


You can add any language you want. But you should tanslate all messages and words your self. I can send you translated file using google translate.


any other payment option attach it or not ? like mobicash , easypasa any other payment option attach it

For now just PayPal. But you a PHP Developer can add any other payments APIs

Stripe is needed for this to be attractive for buyers.


Thank you for your comment. I’ll work on it.


Hi, In the “Members> Edit a user” section, you can not change your email address. an error appears when I submit the form “Error – Send form with ajax failed!” Thank


I answer you here because too complicated by your support center.

I can not find the source of the problem for paypal.

Here is the link to download the logs and a screenshot:



Problem solved.

you’re right: you just need a business account on paypal to get the password and the signature.

Thank you


I’m glad to solve your problem and wish you enjoy the NodPay.


So in order to view the members you need to have your business script included??So this is not a complete stand alone product…..

Hi, NodPay is a quick way to have an online payment to get paid from your customers. It’s not a cms featured website. Thanks

yes correct, but it should be warned that you need the other script to be full..since you have no access to client info

For NodPay, I planed to make a very very simple script to get paid to those businesses that are planning only a simple payment system with a low budget.

To get paid from customers with more feature such as set customer information fields, please take a look at may Business Contact Manager.

I’m thinking to add more feature on NodPay, but unfortunately, I don’t have any idea, that wich features can keep NodPay simple but more practical. So I’m glad to hearing feedbacks and ideas for NodPay.

On other hand, I’m working other payment systems such as simple e-shops.


can you add feature to send invoice via email and to generate short links for payment


This feature is already exists in the Business Contact Manager (one if my items)


this is payment script not that..

That is a payment script too. But you are right I’ll add the involving feature on NodPay in the next version.