Discussion on NodeJS REST API + ReactJS Admin Panel Generator from MySQL + JWT + Postman Json

Discussion on NodeJS REST API + ReactJS Admin Panel Generator from MySQL + JWT + Postman Json

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meylon7 Purchased

good product and also good support

hi i can’t import your DB

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Skype: gyanverma2

i online in discord

Can I change MySQL to PostgeSQL?

Not yet started as i told 10-15 days minimum..

Hi, have you complete the package?

Yes but codecanyon is not yet approved.. can u add me on skype : gyanverma2

can we update technology versions? like react version or node js version.

Yes you have template if u want to modify something before generating code. and once u generated code you can change anything as u wish.

and can we change react js template, like i have my own react theme I want that react code will be generated on my theme, is it possible?

yes you can change the scss or Layout component if u r using bootstrap to add your theme. else u can change everything as u change for any react project.

Can i use this also on Mac?

This tool works only on windows, but u can check the other mac os version of nodejs

But for React Admin /Postman etc on Mac do you plan to release it?Could you consider it’Thanks for your answer.

No there are very low demand of that .. my existing tools of mac is hardly getting sold, everyone buy windows version only.. Converting to mac is a big task. But if you are really interested then I can take as freelance project for you and convert it to mac. please add me on skype: gyanverma.

Other solution I can suggest is you can take the tool and run on ur friend system or take a free instance of Windows AWS and run on that.

Good day, I am curious… I see the operating system is for Windows 10, I only have Windows 8, would I be able to get it to work, I am interested in purchasing, but i need to know if it will work…

If u can install .Net core 3.1 run time version then u can use the tool. I never used windows 8 so not sure if we can install dotnet core in that. But u can purchase and try and if not working request for refund.

Alternatively u can use AWS free EC2 instance if u dont hv windows machine

What is the cost of renewal of license and for how long is the renewal licence valid? Is it required to regularly renew the license or every six month?

12$ for renewal for next 6 month. It basically for protecting my self from life time commitment. As I will keep updating tool with new features or bug fixes. But you always generate unlimited projects. Some time you can earn renewal by reporting bugs :)

Please confirm if the licence bought on codecanyon is one time or for a period of time and i will continue to pay for as long as i want to be using the software?

Its for 6 months, but renewal can be done for very limited amount or if u submit some bug or improvement request u can ask for free renewal. Its just major to protect software u dont hv to worry about it.

Hi, congratulation for this great work, there is a project generator for mongodb instead of mysql ?

Can u please chk in console what is the error. I guess u need to change the base url of ur API in api folder for react (axious file will be there)

Add me on skype: gyanverma2 will help u in detail

Ohk great

I m travelling with limited internet show ur comment now

hi, all the pages are being accessed without auth or jwt. Please help how to implement auth request on each page. Thanks

Ohk u need to go to model/helper.js and uncomment the jwt check. Can help u in detail on skype : gyanverma2

thanks its working, but where to change user name and password, also in get method, without entering user name and password, token is being generated. in Post method, its ok.

in server.js you can see the token generation endpoint. I would suggest to integrate your own user table. (I am working on automating this part and soon will have this change)

HI Great Work, with all of my databases i get this error …..

Failed to compile ./src/Routes.js SyntaxError: C:\Users\me\Desktop\Apps\app\ReactApp\src\Routes.js: Identifier ‘ActivationsPage’ has already been declared. (141:7) > 141 | import ActivationsPage from ”./components/activations/ActivationsPage” | ^ 142 | import ActivationsAddUpdatePage from ”./components/activations/ActivationsAddUpdatePage” 143 | import AdsPage from ”./components/ads/AdsPage” 144 | import AdsAddUpdatePage from ”./components/ads/AdsAddUpdatePage” This error occurred during the build time and cannot be dismissed.

139 | import WidgetsPage from "./components/widgets/WidgetsPage" 
140 | import WidgetsAddUpdatePage from "./components/widgets/WidgetsAddUpdatePage"

any help please

i added you

issue solved via skype, its not a problem from tool but just how to start the code. hope you are happy :) feel free to ping me for any support required anytime

Great job pro … yes that was my fault and my tiny small experience :)

This is great! Good luck with sales! Do you have plans to release a Mac Os app for this. Do you offer freelance?

Yes I will release a mac version also very soon. You can add me on skype gyanverma2

Nice work! Good luck for your sales!

any plans to release a version for mongodb instead of mysql?

ya need to finish it already started working. add me on skype gyanverma2 i will take ur help for testing

Great Work, Congratulations GLWS :)

Thank you !


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