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Nice work, GLWS! :)

Hi mate, sorry but the preview is not working properly. Thanks.

Hi Fractma, It was stopped due to sever issue, Now it has started again, thanks

demo server is offline

yes it is working now.. it has been put on the cloud , but if you purchase it you will always get its up.

Demo server is offline – how can I test this application?

can this be installed on a shared normal webserver easily?

no.. most of the shared webserver are not providing node js installation so it is required to have VPS or other server having nodejs installed

I’m interested in this product do you have a demo site that I can review?

you can contact me on skype amit_p_shah2007

I don’t use skype however you can email the link and I will check it out.

Hey I dont use skype you can email the link to the demo site.

Demo is not working ,Please email me

Hi, you had a product for sale called Advertising Marketplace, it is no longer available. Will it be coming back?

Awesome work. GLWS