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demo login details for testing

you can access using your social facebook or twitter.

social login for admin?

no not for admin , Admin login is indepedent

Amit, can you share admin login details?

Demo for admin panel? , please dont update anything user: , pass: kumar123

Can you add coupons, invoice, stripe as payment?

based on requirement those can be implemented

Hello, nice work! I have a quick question. So if i buy this can i edit template?

it depends on you how you want to use it


not multilangual but on request we can built that out

Do you support node.js version 4.1.x?

yes it is supported

hi, demo is interested, but need show to some peoples.

and sorry.. this not work on mysql?

sorry not for mysql

where can this be deployed?...heroku?

what documentation do you provide?

its simple ecommerce flow so there is no need of documentation of using it

please create a mysql version, im needing this. :(

sorry only for mongodb, node.js is more suitable for mongodb

I can access the admin side by seeing above comments… But was not able to access end user side of size… am I missing something… I clicked on live preview but its showing not able to connect.. could you please give me tha link for end user side.

it is possible sell digital goods?

yes its good to sell all kind of products

sorry question, this script run on linux webhost server?

yes it works

preview no work

please add me on skype : amit_p_shah2007

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you can add me to skype we can discuss on that

Hi, do you think is possible to modify you project to be a SaaS company? Like users signup and has you own store right away.

Thanks and great job!

we can implement that feature too.

demo website is not working anymore…can you fix it?

you can add me to skype we can discuss on that

Demo doesn’t work….

add me to skype we can discuss on that.


Demo not working :(

10 months without comments??

provide your skype id , currently server is struggling with space and other expense issue

please i need demo website