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At preview page scroll down to comments and you see the slider. http://2im.ru/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/2015-12-16_11h46_45.png

Nice… Any plans to make it for php and not wordpress?

Sorry, no plans for clear version, only WP.

Work in Woocommerce ?

I add slider in WooCommerce register form in next version. Release it in a few days.

i bought it, but it can’t work in woocommerce register and login form…

Hello. I update the plugin, so you will be notified by codecanyon when it be moderated. Or you can write me an email from http://codecanyon.net/user/mbyte-zeus and I send you zipped plugin immediately.

awesome plugin i will buy, just want to see the screenshot of others themes. Can we change the text in local language “Slide if you are a human” ? My blog is in italian. Thank you!

PS: please provide us more themes in the next update =) Plugin works like a charm 5 stars! And please update in english “Slide if you are human” instead of “Slide if you human”. Thank you so much!

I think i found a little bug, the theme “greyui” is not responsive like two others. On login page looks horrible the “greyui”. Please take a look. Thanks in advance! :)

I fix this issue in next release with adding some new skins.

Hello Zeus i find bug in nocaptcha. If i active the plugin only to wordpress login form page and disable in comments, in comments area plugin give back error message “undefined”. So if i set comments + login form everything is ok. Please take a look into it.

Hello. I fix bugs in release 1.2. You can download it when it been approved by Envato command.

THANK YOU!!! Zeus this plugin Really is the best i ever try in much years. Really Good coding! Thank you so much Awesome. No much more spam, block really every spam! i have uninstalled akismet! THANK YOU SO MUCH hero!!!!

I am interested in purchase, but really need to have the English grammer corrected. If you would be so kind, please correct to “Slide if human” or “Slide if you’re human” instead of current “Slide if you human”. Thank you.

Hello mbyte-zeus plugin stop to work after install wordpress 4.5 please give us an input..thank you

You can reply the problem following this: The problem happen when you uninstall the plugin and reinstall it again…on wordpress 4.5

Hi zeus i have a small issue with the plugin, it my not be to bad, my error comes up on the top of my site in the browser and it looks like this: Warning: Missing argument 2 for {closure}() in /home/etasfile/public_html/wp-content/plugins/nocaptcha/nocaptcha.php on line 413 Warning: Missing argument 3 for {closure}() in /home/etasfile/public_html/wp-content/plugins/nocaptcha/nocaptcha.php on line 413

Yes there are 2 of the same lines showing. My site is http://etasks.com.au and i was wondering if you could help me with this issue. I really love your plugin it’s awesome. I have noticed you haven’t been here giving support for over 5 months so if you haven’t answered me within 5 days i will pay someone to update the plugin to WP 4.5.1 and sell this plugin to others and I will give support to them.

I have had the plugin fixed and I have it running on WP V4.5.2 look here under Login / Register / Comments https://exbaybb.com if you need a fixed plugin version email me at xfilesbsw@gmail.com

I have disabled my plugins and I am still not able to see the slider for your NoCaptcha plugin. It shows the slide if your human, but no slider. Any suggestions? Thanks, Jared.