Discussion on Nobab - Laravel User Role Route Permission

Discussion on Nobab - Laravel User Role Route Permission

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Hello. I cannot mgirate the database, can you please explain? [Illuminate\Database\QueryException] SQLSTATEHY000 Unknown database ‘nobab’ (SQL: select * from information_schema.tables where table_schema = nobab and table_name = migrations)

Thank you for purchasing my product.

You have to create a database named “nobab” or if you have existing database with different name then change the database name in .env file.

Check the documentation for more details.

Contact me anytime if you have any difficulties regarding this product.

user demo show messages “Your account is not active”. please fix it

Try now. Someone deactivated the default account

Hello, I am thinking about buying your script and hire you to install and customize it, as we talked. All for $80. I needed to discuss more details, and know from you, about the upgrade to Laravel 7. If I buy it for $17, then you charge me $30 to install it, and $53 for all roles, permissions and customizations, right? Im looking forward to hear from you. Regards,

I said $30 for installation and $50 for other requirements. Because other permissions as totally different from Nobab. So, I consider new permission system as a new project.

I don’t understand the math. if you cut $17 from $80 it should be $63 not $53.

Hello. How much do you charge to integrate your roles/permissions script to my Laravel website? I can buy your script, but how much for installation and customization? Regards, MB

I can upgrade to 7.

Nobab is a route permission tool. I can help you on other permission system too. All of them will cost $80 dollar.

Ok, sounds good. Please upgrade it to Laravel 7.xx and let me know when you are done. I’m looking forward to hear from you.

Updating via normal process is having error due to upgraded PHP version in my Laptop. I’m updating this manually. It will finish by tomorrow.

will it support laravel 5.8?

when we create a new table or model – in add roles – rote permissions are auto generated?

Yes, it will support 5.8. Permissions will auto generate when routes will be in “web.php”

Can we hide the menu items based on the use roles selected?

Currently this feature is not available. You can use addition ACL (Access Control Level) to hide unauthorized menu items.

does it works with laravel backpack?

Yes! It can be used with backpack.


I want to test your demo, but the account and password not working…

Please help me.

Best regards

Thank you for notifying me. The password is working now.

I can not login in the demo

Sorry for that. Sometimes cron job fails to re-write the database. Please try now, it has been fixed.

use Laratrust or you can make your own ACL (Access Control List)

can you send me how to make own ACL or can i use Laratrust with your Middleware (Nobab::class)

Yes. You can use Laratrust or ACL with my script. Nobab::class will not needed for that. Nobab is for route permission. If you want to give partial permission or restriction in a view file or in a method you can use ACL or Laratrust. I suggest you to use ACL. This is much more explicit than any other 3rd party package. If you need further help to integrate them on your project, you can contact me at

I bought but did not meet expectations what should i do if i want to add a new page

Thank you for purchasing my product.

If you need an additional page, please tell me what page you want to add?

You also can email me at

I want to buy but the demo is not working

It was a cron job issue. Sometimes cron job fails to reset the full database :(

It’s working now anyway :)

demo login not working

Please accept my apology, It was an unfinished crone-job problem. Please try it now.

no laravel 5.5? Why not combine these that you just updated? That doesn’t make sense?! user role, search, admin? smh

Hello lisasievers, thank you for your comment. This product is build with Laravel 5.4 but all of the controller, model and view codes are compatible with Laravel 5.5. If you need this project with Laravel 5.5 I will convert it. If you think this product is inappropriate or this is a low quality product, please suggest me about “what it should be like?” I will try to improve it in my next update.

Hello, how can I view the documentation to understand what level of complexity will need to be able to create a SaaS with the framework of you?

Are you trying to create SaaS with Laravel?

Yes, and I do not want to waste a lot of time developing the part of the user management.

Please, check the live demo of this item. If this item fits you requirements you can purchase it, the documentation of this item is inside it. If this item is not fits your requirements you can search in cadecanyon for more scripts with appropriate keywords. Thank you.

wow very cool work, fantastic job :) i wish you successful sales and a nice day :)

Thank you very much :)

Can’t login with / password

did you migrate the database?

I was talking about the demo, but seems its working now.

Ohhh…. I am extremely sorry. There was a problem with live demo. May be cron job issue. I fixed it after getting your first comment. Thank you.

Keep up the good work! DCSF

Thank You :)


Amazing Work, Good Luck With Sale :grin:

Thank You :)


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