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I am interested in this. When I went to the demo I clicked translate but nothing happened. Ha I thought. I am in London so it knows I am English. So I used a VPN which made it appear as if I was in Germany but I still had the English.

Great, If you are from london, it will translate to english. ex. if you will be in italy, It will be translated to italian language. So if your country language translation isn’t possible, stay the same text.

We can detect your country code (language) from your ip.

- We use Microsoft Translator API, which has supported languages (you can check product page).

- You can simply integrate NIS Translator into your website.

- We can help you to integrate it too.

tested with vpn, did not translate to the vpn’s local language. I think thats what Jim1506 above means too.

Maybe, It works on real ip. Thank you for comment.

For sites wordpress, joomla is possible?

Yes, It’s possible. If you want, we can help you to integrate it.

Hello. I am very interested in this script, but the demo does not translate at me. I’m all set for your language. This is Czech.

It’s partly works :) It’s super. But it goes to me in Italian. I have set default Czech.

Now I switch on auto detecting in demo version. I think it will auto translate to your language.

Super. Work !!! Awesome. I also like NIS media. :)

Can you add a Wordpress version?

You can use it on wordpress.

Is it possible to translate from DB String into DB String?

For example I have a descritption in english and would like it to translagte it in german into the db that i have only need to translate it one time.

Can you contact me with contact form ?

I need the same of prene, too.

Contact me.

Hi a question, is possible translate all the web page or only the post?

Hi, you can use it for all pages, but need to put translate button.

if i use socio quiz can you help me to put it in my website ? thanks a lot

You can use it for any script, you need to put it on each page or in whole website. I can help you, but via custom work, if you want to use it for whole script.

perfect idia. dont work on android. you can make seem for android? google translate api ??? i want to buy, i need for android

good work, nicely done ! wish you big sales

For Microsoft Translator API Do MS API fees apply ?