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I need to develop an application with the following features.

Moderating (manually) messages three social networks -facebook -Twitter -Instagram

The messages will contain -Hashtag -Photo -Geolocalization

Does your application allows me to do this?

Additionally, I need to answer those messages privately and with a QR code. IMPORTANT: An important aspect is that those sending messages is certainly not going to be fans or followers.

Is it possible to send to them this kind of message? Does it depends on the social network?

Does your application allows me to do this? Does this require customizations? Can you make these customizations?

I know there are many questions.

Thanks in advance.

Hello, do you provide custom development services? We would like our joomla users be able to get connected to your script and start posting.

If yes, please contact us back.



Yes, I can provide custom development services. Contact me with contact form –

Best Regards, Nisgeo.

Hi, Pre-sale question. Do you still support this script? Are you making any more updates in the future? Does it support s3 amazon?

Yes, of course NIS MEDIA has support. I want to make new updates. It’s possible to make the header sticky. I can do amazon s3 plugin with custom work.

ok. Would you ever update the buttons in the profile page? like to use bootstrap, because they look a little older. And lastly what about security? This is your custom framework, how do I make my site secure?

I can help you. Yes, It’s my custom framework and it has security.

Hi just bought and installed this script why when I am trying to upload video its redirecting to How can I change this?

Hi I was able to change the site to list my site now i cant upload just a video from my iphone its saying “Please fill out all required fields.” and it i click any of the tabs in upload page it doesnt change to the specific page i am trying to upload stuff for. Please help


I can help you.

Contact me with contact form.

Regards, Nisgeo.


Is easy to edit if I need delete some stuff and add another info??


Yes, it’s easy to delete some stuff and add another information.

Best Regards, Nisgeo.

Hi, there is admin or user login error. can you tell me which files or folders are need to change chmod?

why admin login give http 500 error?

now almost 4 days. problem not fixed?

Do you have uploaded ”.htaccess” file or is this file supported on your server ?

Regards, Nisgeo.

Hi nisgeo,

I haven’t check NIS MEDIA script out for long time and now noticed it’s improved a lot. I really liked what I see.

I’m very interested in buying and want to run the site just for animated gif site only. Is it possible to just allow just gif file only? Example: if user tries to upload other files then gif it’ll not allowed.

I testing uploading gifs and noticed when I Uploaded gif from URL the gif thumb doesn’t show up? I tested 2 times the same error with thumbs not showing?? Example

Requests: At user profiles I was wondering can add-on social links like Twitter and FaceBook options example

The thumbs not clickable? Example

Is there leaderboard/top users?

Will there be any update soon because I noticed the last on Last Update 2 November 14

Hi Pinki,

Thank you for comment.

I am preparing new script to upload on codecanyon, after that I will make update on NIS MEDIA.

Best Regards, Nisgeo.

Hey how can i disable the slider on the top?

Also how can i change this:

How do i add more language?

You can contact me via contact form and I will help you.

Hi… Want to buy this script but I can’t load live preview.

You can check live demo at

I’m getting..

This site can’t be reached

The webpage at might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.


It works for me.

Any other way you can check screenshots.

Is there instruction on how to hook up the ffmpeg to the script so videos can be uploaded?

how to upload multiple images?

Hi, How can I setup facebook login? What is Valid OAuth redirect URIs?


Does the point system allow trade of points for girftcards or paypal?

Hi there, I have try to install NIS Media script it still in “install.php?step=1”, can you please tell me how to fix it. I think the problem is in some folder permeation’s in .htaccess file.

By the way i trying to install the script in sub domain, with sub folder. when i open the sub domain it looks fine but when i try to open any post or to login to admin it show this error “The requested URL /signup was not found on this server.” Please any help ???