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Very nice piece of code :) Have you thought about more customize options? Like headerHeight (try set name: “1 line <br> line”) or columnColor.

hello tombee! I’ll try to add more options like you suggest. thanks for your feedback!

I just purchased the grid, however I didn’t realise you cant edit any cells, or at least there is no options in the demo.

what use is a data grid where you cant edit the cells?

Hello, this data grid was made to work better with ajax requests. To edit a row, you can use the “format” column option to do what you need (open a modal and update your object, or update your source list… ) and then reload grid to bring the updated information.

Or you can use it as you want… since you can customize any cell, with any code using this “format” option.

But i understand your point of view… and i agree that it is a little difficult to do a quick edit.

I need to edit in place. so does this mean I can use the ‘format’ option to add a text box or a drop down list to the data grid.

If so, you should really give an example of how this is done. also how to do either an ajax call back or a post back to send the changed data to the server.

This surely add to your useability features.

Hello.. What would be the format of loading it? Can I load JSON and XML? My data JSON will have children data, does this work to appear on a view more inside each row?

I only have 4 columns in my grid. however it is displaying one more column which is taking the remaining space.

It doesn’t look good. how can I get rid of the extra column.

No grid é possível ao invés de paginação colocar barra de rolagem e a quantidade ser infinita?

Olá Eduardo!

sim, basta setar como opções do grid o tamanho da página para 0 e definir uma altura máxima:

$(”#grid1”).ninjaGridPlus({ ... ...

pageSize:0, maxHeight:’200px’ });


Olá Eduardo, esqueci de mencionar no ultimo contato, mas como você ja comprou o ninjaCore, eu não recomendo comprar esse plugin NinjaGridPlus….

No core há algumas melhorias que fiz, porém não há aquele split de colunas fixas na esqueda que há nesse. E estou atualizando alguns bugs e fazendo melhorias no Core para deixar mais redondo!

Mas fica a seu critério, dependendo do uso esse grid acaba ajudando mais que o outro..

lgushijima muito grato pelo retorno… Sim eu vi que o NinjaGrid tem algumas coisas que no Core é mais enxuto. Mas aguardarei ansioso pelas novas melhorias do NinjaCore. Muito obrigado pelo retorno.