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Very nice, I will have a use for this. Good luck with sales!

Thank you! if you need any help with it let me know.

hi, one question, the data could be called from a data base? regards

yes… since your method returns an object array with the following properties:

{ IDProject: //—Your project id IDSprint: //—Your sprint/group id… if this line represents a projetc, so set it to 0 IDTask: //—Your task id… if this line represents a sprint, so set it to 0 Type: //—1=Project; 2=Sprint; 3=Task Description: //—Project, Sprint or Task description… depending on the Type Start: //—Start date End: //—End date Percent: //—Task pencentage… null if this line is a Project ou Sprint }

User:           //-- Optional information, used to show at gantt's left side. You can return more properties to show.

Thanks a Lot, I get it.

Is it possible to add time to the date?

Sorry, it’s not possible at the moment. I made this plugin to be simple to be used as a “day view”.

It does not show the correct time. It shows a month forward.

It’s because when you use new Date(year,month,day) it uses a zero based index for months… Sorry the delay to answer you!

Hi Igushijima, the span of my project is three years. I am trying to change the timescale to fit all the gantt in one screen, and not need to use the horizontal scroll. How can I do that?

There is no option for this. But if you really need to change it, one idea would be to change the css width property for ”.divGantt-cell” and ”.divGanttRight-header-day”... and maybe you will need hide the day number too. Sorry the delay to answer you! I’m working on a new version of this gantt plugin.

Hey, live preview is not opening. Are you stil selling this script?

Hi, sorry for the broken link… take a look on this url: http://ninjacomponents.ushijima.com.br/NinjaGantt/index.html

Good one bro

Live Preview is broken (apparently has been for over a year)

Hi, sorry for that, I’ll take a look on this. For now, you can access from this url: