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a question before buying, do you have android studio version ? and which eclipse do you use, can you provide link here? thx

Hi we was out from office for couple days for short vacancion but ow we are back to answer all of your question.

No we still do not have Android Studio version of game.

We use Eclipse Indigo, link for download: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/27418096/where-can-i-download-eclipse-android-bundle just scroll down and you will see Windows, MAC, Lnux

Nice game! Good luck with sales!

Hi gikdev, Thank you so much for your opinion.

How can I find ads I can not find them


If you download our game AD that are in game are Cartboost and Applovin Interstitial.

I gama project are AdMob Banner, Applovin, Chartboost and AdMob Interstitial.

Great script! Good luck with sales!

Hi Self-Project, Thank you so much for nice word to us to keep up!

Start app ads integrated ??

Hi, No we do not have StartApp Ads on our games. Some times they are not on same page with Google Ads Privacy and may cause problems, so we do not implement them in our games.

We have AdMob Banner, and AdMob Chartboost and AppLovin Interstitial Ads in our games.

Easy to change ninja character ?

This is link for game images http://bit.ly/1AQnhdb , they are in atlases as code is reading from that file. Here are many images in one image.

You can download from front page game artwork and try to change image file, as they are separately file in artwork.
Just make sure that new character is the same high as original one.

Hope we help with this for you to see how it will be with changing the character.

Hi one question before buying this game. it looks very nice. with which game engine is it developed?


Its made in Cocos2D-X and exported to Eclipse Engine to work with.

So you will need to have Eclipse Engine to make it to .apk file and submit to Play Stre


I just bought your code. Could you please provide the classes folder?

Cocos2dx should come with classes folder. Otherwise I could not make changes that I want on the game!

Hi, thank you for purchasing source code.
Code coming with .xml file, as we already exported to Android Version.
For any change in code or some custom work please contact us threw our Profile page under Email Dulisa 1, or leave us your mail to contact you.

Thank you.