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Hello! I just purchased the plugin and when attempting to Import Elements & Images Library I receive a 504 Gateway error. Please assist. Thank you.

Ticket submitted. I have today set aside to work on this, so a quick response would be appreciated. I am unable to move forward with this new purchase. Thank you for your time!

Never mind. It is working now :-) THANKS!

Good work!

Hi! Just purchased and had some questions

1) How do I save a pop up with out publishing it? I don’t want to make it live, but just save it so I can finish it later

Hi! Where I can find more informations around A/B testing feature ? I’m confuse .. I’m using WPML so in the list of popup under A/B testing section I see 3 versions of the same popup but it’s impossible to know which lang version is … your Doc is poor :-/ TIA Cheers

Hi, does this work with mailwizz?

Is there a tutorial to use the api or would I need a developer to understand this?

is it possible to define different popup per destination page?

Please check Ticket #725007.

Done it.

Will you update the plugin to function with Elementor?


we tested it and it works fine with Elementor.


Purchased this plugin in 2016 and it still is NOT responsive. As of now, when the popup comes up, it automatically locks the background page AND scrolls back to the top. Why would you send the visitor back to the top of the page?

I recently purchased this plugin, where are the ready made popups which are shown in the demo of plugin, i am unable to find popups like Christmas one and some another.

Hi everyone. For all of you who has overload of your server CPU and memory because of admin-ajax requestes, i want to tell you the information nobody gave me. I almost lose my customer, he was so angry because of error 500 all the time in his web. After 1 month of testes, i realized that te option to show popup “after x seconds the visitor spends in the website” or similar caused all my problems and took me awake too many nights. Just use another option and you going to sleep happy again. Best regards

Yes, Ninja popup premium, wich was included with my purchase of Pennews Theme

Please contact us to Support:


No matter, i don´t mean is a problem of your plugin, i´m sorry if that looks like, just in my case it causes that issue, i have anothers plugins that uses admin-ajax and that can be the problem or the theme can have the issue, but my post is only to contribute with others who can ran into the issue like me. Best regars and congratulations for the plugin

Hello, I had to contact you because I could not find a solution in your documentation and the support comments

I purchased Ninja Popups yesterday and I have a couple of questions. I do run a woocommerce store with multiple products, all product pages will show the same popup and I am also using zapier webhook to collect fields data. My first question is how to get the URL where the popup has been used? (HTTP REFERER)

I tried to create a custom hidden field, but what value should be assigned?

Can I pass the fields parameters/values using the shortcode? If yes can you explain how to do it with a simple example?

The second question is how to pass values to be used within the popup! as I told you I am using the same popup, and what should I do to display the title of the product inside the popup?


Could you send me this info to Support?


I already did

Hello Dear, Could you please check the support system and my email. the tickets are being closed automatically without being solved.

i have update ninja popup . when I activate the ninja popup plugin comes this message

Revolution Slider Error: You have some jquery.js library include that comes after the revolution files js include. This includes make eliminates the revolution slider libraries, and make it not work.

i have write you in support and i ask how to reset a licenze for changing site to install plugins. But you don’t reply. Please reply.

Topic: Update to 4.6 creates issues

Upgraded to 4.6 today, and it seems it creates havoc now with the rest of the site (the TagDiv Newspaper theme specifically)

- With 4.6 installed, popups do not show - All site product images don’t show - Theme “sticky” sidebar no longer works - Mega menus no longer show.

It has been working great for as long as we’ve used this plugin with this theme, but this specific update has clobbered everything.

When we disable Ninja popups – everything on the site works perfectly again.

Any suggestions?


We didnt notice this kind of issuesbin V4.6. The best best way is to contact us to Support.


Presale question, is it possible to send download link f.e. for e-book after subscription?


Yes, its very easy to do. Just set second step popup and add download link/button. It will work like a thank you popup and it will show up after subscribtion.


Hello there , please check to see Windows Defender Browser Protection detect 2 of PHP files in your package as “TrojanDownloader:JS/Jasobfus.B!ml” ( While downloading with browser and not any Download manager ) , any suggestion ?

Hello, I just bought this plugin. Set up it properly but I figured out that all my images dissapear when I activate this plugin. My site is running on Newspaper theme. What should I do? Thanks


are you sure that it is connected with the plugin ? We have never seen issue like this. Please send us URL to Support


Great plugin! Is it possible to show a pop-up only on exit of certain pages. How to do that? Thank you!


thank You!

Please do it this way:


Thanks for the quick reply. Was helpful but I meant this: On 2 pages on the whole website are three external links to other websites. Only when click on those specific url’s show a pop-up. Is this possible?

Please set exit popup and use this option:

Ninja Popups – Exit – Settings

Hello, I’ve only used Ninja Popup once to create an email capture, and I’ve never used it again. Today was to create a new one to just show a picture on vacation warning home and it does not work in any way. What’s his problem? I have already cleared the cache, edited the settings several times and it NEVER works. I do not know what else to do. It seems to work when you want …. unfortunate. can you help me? Thank you


please contact us to Support


Hello, i want to purchase the plugin, but have a question after submit the newsletter is the form again display to that visitor?



Yes, You can set this option in days. I mean if user will subscribe and you set 30 days – he will see popup again after 30 days.