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Hi, I have a question which i really hope you can help me with and i know it require a little custom coding.

How can i send the country name using geo ip detection method to Mailchimp when the visitor submit for newsletter using single opt method.

I can get the country name using this simple JS code but not sure where should i place it and how to connect it with the ninjaform hidden input

also it would be amazing if you can tell me also how to do the same thing using Cloudflare Geo IP which allow me to get the country code using this simple php code $country_code = $_SERVER[“HTTP_CF_IPCOUNTRY”];

Thanks so much in advance.

Looks like your Support is updated now – so please follow your ticket.

Actually i already solved the issue myself with that simple code i mentioned above, i’m just writing that comment to complain for the quality of support hopping that you improve it and to be more helpful to your customers.

Thank you for info about sugestion. We trying the best to improve our Support.


Hi there,

If have a problem with a mail registration popup. I am using mailchimp and unfortunately I am receiving the error message “Your merge fields were invalid. Error with field: Please enter a value”. I have double checked, that all fields are named exactly the same like on Mailchimp, furthermore I have checked that the fields are required or not. Should be all the same.

The only thing which irritates me a bit, is the fact, that some of my fields does not have the same input like on Mailchimp (i.e. there is a dropdown with different years “2005-2019”. On Mailchimp it is visible, but on the popup it stops on “2013”.

Could you please advise what I could check to solve this issue? Thanks in advance…


looks like you have wrong name on the ‘Custom field’. We are using MC and it works fine at all. For more help please contact us to Support:


Hi again,

is it possible to let the user copy a text on the frontend of the popup?


You can use “Textarea” and add Default text:


Great. Thanks for your help. Really appreciate it.

Hey is it possible to have let’s say a Christmas pop up setup yearly?


You can set start and end date for selected popup.


PS Soon more new Christmas popups in the library.

Yes but how about to set it up so it automatically pops up yearly between those dates so you don’t have to set up the yearly ones like Christmas. A setting to have it recur yearly etc.

At this moment there is no feature like this but we can make Custom Work for you – if needed.

On my site i have 2 popups. One for mobile and one for web. I also use wp super cache. The problem is wp super cache render only one popup… so… i have situations where on mobile is displayed web popup, and on web is displayed mobile popup… any advice? If i disable cache, the plugin is working perfectly


Please send us URL to Support and we will take a look


Hi, with Mailster i have users auto subscribing to 2 mail lists. But in your plugin there is only option to select one list. Can you make it so that it matches with what we have setup in Mailster etc? Thanks

Will do, but i just confirmed. The popup only pops up if a user sits on that page for 30 secs. So if they are navigating your site quicker than that then it won’t.

Mostly it depends of the setting in your popup.

Ok sent an email to support.

Hi. I have big problems with cookie. I’m using simple popup with 2 step and a button that go to url when will click. I sett 10 days cookie for show again, but the popup appear always. Can help me please?


Please send me link to your website to Support and we will help you


I’m totally lost. Ive imported a pop up, but when i go to Settings>welcome to chose a pop up to work on the home page, nothing is showing the drop down only shows disable. how do i make it to show up on my site???

I did that with a back end login, but all i got was the videos. I must have it fixed now ir the event will be over and I paid for these pop ups for nothing. please,

Thnx for access – now we are able to check it. Soon you will get the info.


Thank you!!

Hello, is it possible to disable to “form action” with the HTML builder? I’m not looking to submit any data, just show HTML data without the form wrapping around it. Thank you

Done, thank you

Hi there, didnt get a confirmation of submission / ticket number by email after, is that normal? Thanks,

What is your email ?


Is there a way to pass the email from the first step to the html code in the second step?

for example if i entered that email on the first step can i use that html code on the second step?

|email|” target=”_top”>Send Mail where |email| on that above html code is the email entered on the first step. If its possible then please kindly tell me how


could you send me more details to Support – I`m just not sure what do you mean:


Is it possible to create a checkbox that says, dont show up this popup again, and if someone checked and closed that popup it wont show again, if so then how to do that? I saw on comment hear 1 year ago that you mentioned that you are already working on it and told a customer that you would send him a development or a beta version for it.

Please follow your ticket.


Sorry what ticket, Actually the ticket i made was related to completely different thing.

The best way is to contact us to Support – there you will get dedicated person to your ticket.

Hello there

After completing the form, thank you form comes up but there are no buttons. I want to redirect to another url if there is no 5 second transaction after the 2nd page is reached. How do I do that? Redirect goes through very fast.


you can do it bu using two ways:

1) Make “second step” popup (or import it from Library) and add button with redirect. After optin user will get second popup with button.


2) Please edit popup and set ‘Redirect after optin”

There is no delay for redirect – sorry.


Hello, I have a problem with your plugin. Every time when someone submits their email address, the plugin is forwarded to Envato’s ninja pop up link, and this is really frustrating. How can I disable this?

The “Redirect After Opt In” was on “No” so there is another problem. When I click on the pop up background the plugin is forwarded to Envato’s ninja pop up link. There is a redirect link in the background ?


I have two questions that I hope you would help me answer. We’ve been using this plugin on a couple of sites a few years now. But we still have a couple of issues.

1. Does this plugin support nordic letters, as in “æ, ø, å”? How does names with these characters transfer to MailChimp when signing up for a newsletter?

2. We are (still) having some issues with people being able to submit e-mail adresses with (accidental) spaces or without ”@” in them. Does this plugin not verify that the e-mail address is valid (in terms of standard format), and ask the user to enter a correct e-mail? - The field is set to be an e-mail field and it is also required to complete the submission.

Kind regards


How to track form submissions with GTM?


Please contact us to Support


I am currently trying to make the plugin conform to ADA compliance standards. Right now we are having an issue with the fact that the popup does not seem to be accessible via tab. This makes it impossible to close out the popup if you do not have the ability to use a mouse as far as we have been able to tell.

We have not tested with screenreader as well yet. Just wanted to reach out to see if you’re team had any fixes for ADA accessibility issues. We are using an image popup with a X close out, trying to have them able to be reached via the tab button.


Please send us info to Support and we will take a look


Hi Pre Sale Question. I want to open Popup in specific condition so please confirm if we can use php shortcode in theme template php file directly. Please confirm

Ive tried to disable the plugin and delete so I can move the plugin to my new site but it says that the purchase code is in use still. I’ve emailed but no one has got back to me.. what am I doing wrong?

How to add phone number field in popup? Can we integrate external forms created by other plugins using shortcode in this popup?

Hi i send a email for support 1 one ago and i dondt received a reply… let me now please i need help