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I have two different popups on my site. However If popup 1 is closed the 2nd popup does not appear. Is it possible to have separate cookies for each popup?


yes, please go to Settings and choose: Use different cookies for each popup


How do I manually trigger the pop-up by clicking a button?


please check it here:

I suggest you to use second way.


where does one submit a proper support ticket?

In my last comment from a few days ago I mentioned from I submitted an inquiry and didn’t get a response from you guys… you replied and asked me for a ticket #. I couldn’t produce a ticket # (I was guessing it didn’t go through).

Well I just submitted another inquiry the same way as last time and realized that using codecanyon DOES NOT generate a ticket #... it simply tells you that your message has been sent, no confirmation email, no ticket #.... see screenshot:

so I’m guessing this isn’t the way to properly contact you? If that’s the case, what is the best method for support? Thank you.

I’m starting to think you’re trolling me :-P

I don’t like posting my email publicly, for a number of reasons, mostly because of the spam.

how does one get a ticket #? Is it automatically generated via an email after the codecanyon submission form and I’m just not receiving it? If that’s the case, it’s okay, just please let me know so that I can stop pulling my hair out.

I just received a response via email from Jake. In the subject of his message was a ticket #. It’s #793223.

So to answer my own (and I presume others) question, you ONLY receive a ticket # AFTER you’ve received a reply from support. You don’t receive an initial confirmation email which contains a ticket #... and yes, I double-checked in spam.

One of the very first things I mentioned above was that I haven’t yet heard back from support, so I’m not sure why you were asking me for a ticket # when your system is not designed to give the user a ticket # until they get a response from you.

Thank you for suggestion!

just a note to anyone using this plugin on mobile – MAKE SURE you do some testing and check your analytics. On mobile, there is currently no way (without custom coding) to close the pop up when you tap outside of the pop up box… why is this a problem? If someone is quickly scrolling your content, they can miss your pop up – which in and of itself is a bummer, but the frightening part is that when the user then tries to click a link on your page, it’s not going to allow them to do so (since the pop up is preventing this)... the user is going to think your page is either frozen, or poorly coded. at the end of the day, it’s bad UX.

I saw a pretty significant jump in my bounce rate when running my mobile pop up on a high traffic site, so use caution. I submitted a ticket about this (#793223) and was told on 1/23/17: “I will add this fix to TO DO list.” no idea when the fix is going to happen, but hopefully soon.

and i noticed a few others posting about this same issue, but the fixes that were offered by support at the time involved editing a snippet of code which no longer exists in the plugins min.js file.

Hm, you can do it by using this feature: Close on Overlay Click


is 4.4.1 the latest version of the plugin? I don’t have a “close on overlay click” option, even when I make sure I am enabling an image or opacity, look at this screenshot: