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So I found that this jquery-1.11.1.min.js file causing redirects, first of all I think that maybe this owner of this plugin added something, but later I deleted all content from this file and replaced whit original from here https://blog.jquery.com/2014/05/01/jquery-1-11-1-and-2-1-1-released/ and now website works fine, this thing added developer from codecanyon, maybe he getting money for redirect I don`t know. But this is not nice, when you pay money for script..

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Even thought I had some small issues but it worked perfectly thanks to devdojo help

Script is not working. No Facebook login, No Google Login, No multiple images upload, MySQL database on different host then 'localhost' will not work etc.. en NO SUPPORT. Developer is not supporting this script anymore and seem to have abandoned it. Also no support on their own website forum.

for Flexibility

I found where to change the sidebar ad. Very nice script and easy to use for beginners with no knowledge! Worth the price.

for Code Quality

i try to contact to script owner he never reply to any of the comments or threre is not support, for formality he will reply for some messages never buy this product. if anyone what this i wil give you for free. Worst script in Envato market, when i connect facebook after that this error message:

Whoopsie, It looks like this page doesn’t exist.

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error screenshot:

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