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Why is my comment currently begin reviewed? The script is not working. That’s a fact. It should not be for sale anymore. The developer will not answer any questions except saying there will be a version 2.0 “soon” witch he is saying already more then a year only to keep selling the script.

What is the problem you are having? Can you let me know and I can try and help you out.

Thanks :)

As others have said: FB login doesn’t work – leads to a “Whoopsie….” 404 error. Also to note, the htaccess file doesn’t appear to be included in this script (you have to make it yourself). Only by digging through old forum posts was I able to find the code to put in the htaccess file. Also, in the sidebar ad, my google code and facebook page aren’t showing up.

I wasn’t expecting much for the price, but I was expecting functional and working code to make a basic “viral” type site with, as was advertised and shown on the demo.

Hey ReverieRevel, we are currently working on a version 2.0 and will have all this functionality worked out. Everyone who has a copy of version 1.0 will be able to have a free upgrade to 2.0, typically this costs more money for a new version but we are going to offer this upgrade for free and will be working on support more heavily then we are now. Hope you understand.


After a number of unsuccessful attempts at installing. Due to the documentation not being well written.

It doesn’t mention anywhere what files you need their change their permissions on. The quick install also didn’t work with my digital ocean setup, there was a lot of configurations.

In addition to the above the error messages are very vague, “error adding credentials” giving no indication as to why, what needed to be done in order to fix this. I managed to get around this by unzipping everything locally, uploading to the server, turning on laravels debugging which is under application/app/config/app.php turn debug to true.

Finally, I managed to install the script… the script itself was logging the data to the console with console.log(data) & install… to proceed with the install it was waiting for a response of “1” but then obviously with debugging turned on it wasn’t getting that so I had to incrementally turn on and off the debug.

so… I’m in, I log in to the site and navigate to my profile to change the password quickyly, I get an immediate message of validation issue, however it’s changes the password (so another bug). I then proceed to go to the admin panel and now not one admin page works… I can navigate around the panel with the sidebar but the dynamically loaded content in the bulk of the site response with laravels default “whoops something went wrong”... knowing what I know now I wouldn’t buy this script… I would avoid, I’ve put a fair few hours into it already and can imagine there’s many more to come.

Hey ChrisBarberRiley,

I’m sorry that you were experiencing those issues. Especially with the admin section. We are working on a version 2.0 of the script which is going to be using the popular Voyager Admin:, so this will make it easier to extend and more manageable.

We are also going to have a whole new build out of themes which have been coded for optimal SEO techniques. This will be a free upgrade.

Thanks for your patience and hope you understand :)


You should help me immediately. Facebook and Google entries are not working!

When will 2.0 version be here. :)

In the comment section on page 183 you posted about 1 year ago: “Working on a version 2 actually. Should be available in a couple months and everyone who buys will be eligible for a free upgrade :)” Why should we believe you now? Can you really show some progress in the short time or is this a method to keep selling the script? Would be nice if there is a update very soon because now you’r loosing faith.

Any plans moving this to Laravel 5 ?

Absolutely, when version 2 is released before the end of the year it will be built on Laravel 5.4.

You will also be able to update to 5.5 if you wish but we are going to keep it to 5.4 due to the server requirements of 5.5 :)


Is your script accept Instagram image & video URL or Embed code

Any Reply….....?

Hi, presales question: Are you still developing and supporting this? Because I see A LOT of people having the same issues and A LOT of unanswered questions in the comments. Thanks!

any plans when this script will be updated? any ETA?

1. Can we find out all frequent hotel pages? 2. We’ve a database with name, address, phone, www, mail of our partners. Can we find out the Facebook page via a request? 3. Is it possible to embed or post into this pages our page?

Never answer the comments? When is 2.0 coming out???

Before the end of the year :) Thanks.

Hello, you could add an option to share the image or video by wasapp. It matters a lot to me.

Another one of the great configurations is that the points are changed by Paypal. In the administrator area we can configure the minimum payment and see if users make or request charges.


r3L4x123 Purchased

Why my site have redirect??? firt time it loads why????


r3L4x123 Purchased

So I checked deper in this thing, in 3 months, no one uploaded any media expex my in my website. Then I called my hosting supplier, they check or there whose any hacking or something, so they confirmed their whose no hacking, so developer why you left sneaky redirects in website???


r3L4x123 Purchased

So I found that this jquery-1.11.1.min.js file causing redirects, first of all I think that maybe this owner of this plugin added something, but later I deleted all content from this file and replaced whit original from here and now website works fine, this thing added developer from codecanyon, maybe he getting money for redirect I don`t know. But this is not nice, when you pay money for script..