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Is it possible to automatically get username of the form submission?

Hi! Can you explain more of what you mean? Maybe provide an example :) I can update the plugin to suit your needs.

I need that with simple form submission I receive the username of user that submitted the form.

For example. I create a form where a user needs to submit his e-mail. I don’t ask him to submit his username but I would like to receive his username automatically as he has logged in my website.

So glad to hear! You’re very welcome. Thank you for being my first customer :)

Keep up your good work :)

it’s possible to assign a specific user role?

Can I build a form with all WooCommerce record fields for the customer role?

Thanks greetings.

Thanks for clearing that up. I’m afraid it’s beyond the scope of this particular plugin, but sounds like a good idea. Do you need it to be available to the public or would it be an admin only feature?

If you want to share with me the greater scope of your project I could perhaps provide you with additional assistance.

Regards, Pat

Thank to you, for your interest.

Anyway I think that I have not expressed well.

Your Plugin, allows you to save the Wordpress User who submitted a form.

It could be improve if you could choose the role of the Wordpress User who submitted a form.

And even more; currently, to check in as a user of a store with WooCommerce only you have to fill fields, username or email and password. And later, if you want, stuffed the rest of the data.

This is not enough for all businesses, and less if the store also sells wholesale. Or you need only really interested users who take the time to fill in all fields.

In this cases you need a form where the user requests buy to wholesale filling all fields of the customer, and some more which attach documentation of your business.

This improvement would mean a significant advantage for your plugin against many others that allows you to save the Wordpress User who submitted a form.

A greeting.

I see, so you want to save the user’s role. There are plugins out there than can added to your checkout fields and make them required

Please help, I have ninja forms installed and I am getting the following error message:

The package cannot be installed from the plugin manager.

Hi thanks for buying. Try downloading the plugin only version and installing through the wordpress plugins page.

Please help plugin will not install, says not valid plugin found in folder when I try install in the latest version of wordpress. Any ideas?

Hi I’m very sorry for late reply, did you work it out? Looks like you were trying to install the zip that includes documentation. You must install the version without it or extract the zip from the full zip first.

I Created Product options form with conditional logics but its price is not add in product price. How to attach form to product pricing?

Ninja form can do this I study from “”.

I’m afraid you have the wrong support form

I just bought this but it is not working with Ninja Forms 3.0 What do I do?

Hi thanks for buying the plugin. I will look into this and provide you with support, thanks for the feedback!

Currently Ninja Forms don’t seem to provide enough support for me to create this. Can you do without?