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Very nice work, big sales to you :)

Great Work, Congratulations GLWS :)

Nice Work,

Congratulations! Good Luck With Sale :grin:

Great Work, Congratulations GLWS :)

The plugin does not work well, I put it as Euros currency but it keeps giving me USD .. How do I solve?

Contact me email:

Will follow up on email once I have more details. Thanks!

I’ve sent you email, but it bounced back. Could you contact me Thanks!

I am trying to change the currency of the stripe pop up from $ to £

how do i do this? Changing Ninja Forms settings doesn’t work

Will review shortly, could you send an email to so I could forward updated version (if needed).

Hi there,

The currency change has worked, thank you for this update.

However, payments are not reaching my Stripe account despite the fact that I’ve put in the relevant API keys and taken the Stripe account off test mode and into live mode.

Please advise

Do you have SSL certificate installed. In other words, are you trying to process payment over https?

Yes, I am using SSL

Could you create temporary admin logins to your live / staging site and email them to so I could investigate possible issues? Thanks!

Where are we with my request? The plugin does not work – you are charging for a faulty plugin and my client is waiting on me for results.

You have added option for different currency but payments still do not go into the stripe account. Why are you publishing software that isn’t tested or validated by other people?

Please fix my issue or please provide a refund

Hi there, is it a problem as a logo on the stripe gateway or as a logo on the main site, or both?

Stripe gateway (added though Ninja Forms action settings). As I said I’m not sure if that’s related, but since it’s JS error its worth checking. Try PNG.

If that doesn’t help, please send the login details. It’s not much I can do without looking at your setup and capturing stripe errors (if any).

Can this plugin allow you to create subscriptions automatically and use coupons?

It only processes credit card payments (stripe subscriptions are not currently supported, but in development). And I have no clue about the coupon part. Coupons part of stripe??

After install the plugin it don’t work.. don’t show form payment option

Yes .. can you check our website? send me your email to send you user and pass please

Sure. Just email the details to, don’t post them here.

i sent you a email, please check

Can you add recurring payments on update?

Yes. Latest version (v3.3.0) already includes an option for recurring payments. Stripe refers to those as product subscriptions. Please refer to the plugin documentation for details!

thank you, i followed the documentation and set this up but the form submit button is stuck on ‘processing’ and doesnt open the stripe dialogue box

Two possible options:
  1. Currency or amount doesn’t match the one set in Stripe.
  2. You’re using Field, or Calculation method that doesn’t calculate amount correctly.

Check those, if you still unable to find the issue, please send me WordPress login details to as well as currency and amount you have set up on stripe.

Hi, I have purchased the plugin but it is not working. Stripe options are not available for building form.


Things to check:
  1. Make sure you are using Ninja Forms 3.x (not 2.9.x version).
  2. Ninja Forms -> Settings -> Stripe. Make sure settings are set.
  3. Ninja Forms -> ... -> Actions -> Collect Payments action is set up.

Hi, I repurchased another license and I’m having the same issue I had with the last one 6 months ago. I installed the plugin but can’t seem to get it to work. Its not showing up in the ninja forms settings licenses either


It’s not going to show up under licenses since this is 3rd party plugin and not plugin by Ninja Forms itself.

The order of settings this up is as following:
  1. Ninja Forms -> Settings -> Stripe Settings (likely on the bottom of the page). Add Stripe API details.
  2. Create a form (or re-use existing), go to Actions, add action Collect Payments and set it up based on your preferences.

If you still have troubles feel free to send me email with login details to your site to

Hello hope you are doing great This is the purchase key : Purchase code: 1f41055d-5768-4391-af7c-df8ca41e8063

I installed it it’s active but I don’t see the plugin in the dashboard

I would have attached a screen but didn’t find how thank you

It won’t be visible in the dashboard. First you need to set your API keys in Ninja Forms -> Settings, then you can add payment as Action. See documentation for more details.

Hi, I’ve recently purchased and installed your plugin and all works fine. However, I have an email from Stripe regarding SCA regulation:

‘Hello, Thank you for choosing Stripe! We’re writing because we noticed your account is impacted by a regulatory requirement called Strong Customer Authentication (SCA). SCA requires two-factor authentication on many payments in Europe. Payments that are not authenticated are at risk of being declined by your customers’ banks.

Your account has payments (like this one) in live mode using the Charges API, which does not support the authentication requirements of SCA. We recommend using one of our SCA-ready integration paths to avoid more declined European payments.’

Is there something that can be rectified within the plugin that takes care of this?


Hi. Will investigate and will follow up likely by Friday night.

Will have to upgrade plugin to use the latest stripe api version. This will take couple weeks (mostly due to Christmas and New Year) and thee fact that there is a significant changes in how Stripe will work with updated API (redirect vs popup)

We installed the plugin and had a few questions. We are comparing this with a Stripe Extension that Ninja Forms has in their package. With that version, it takes you to a Stripe domain to complete the transaction. I’m sure you’re familiar with it. My questions primarily have to do with the differences between the redirect and the pop-up for your plugin.

With the NinjaForms plugin, the email address gets passed along. With your plugin, the email address does not get passed along and users have to reenter that email address.

With the NInjaForms plugin, the pass-along page asks the user for Name on the Card Country or Region ZIP Code With your plugin none of these are asked for.

I don’t think that’s a problem at all, but when we tested the plugin with a Stripe Test Credit Card Number, the card was valid and accepted but in Stripe there was no transaction. So, the popup goes away and the Submit Button just says Processing perpetually.

I’m not sure if it’s related to information that it can’t find or if it will process once we move to live transactions, but something doesn’t seem to be quite right with it. I wasn’t sure if Stripe was also needing any of the other form data (Name on Card, etc.) I mentioned earlier.

Any insight you can provide would be appreciated. Thanks.

Making changes to the plugin, new version should be ready on monday.

Can you drop email to Beta version is available which uses Stripe Checkout API. Since you’ve purchased the plugin I can send that over directly to you for testing/migration. Unfortunately not all the features present in Ninja Forms Stripe 3.3.0 are fully ported to use new API at this time hence no official release just yet.

Latest version is now available.

after installing the plugin, it didn’t activate the function from ninja form

Hi. What do you mean by that? Do you have ninja forms installed and activated?

Hello. We installed an earlier version of your plugin and it worked great. We installed your updated version and had some issues.

In the earlier version, after a user would submit a form that required a payment, they would get a popup where they could enter their credit card information.

The plugin that comes as part of Ninja Forms Stripe integration instead takes the user to a new page to complete their credit card transaction instead of the popup.

When we installed the updated version of your plugin, it worked more like the Ninja Form Stripe addon, taking the user to a new page instead of the popup. Is that intentional? Or do you think we just did something wrong with the integration?


This is expected behaviour. Since PSD2 regulations came in to effect in EU, there is stricter requirements for processing payments for European customers and stripe updated their checkout API’s to comply with those regulations.

If you doing business outside EU, you should still be able to install the previous version of the plugin and use it for some time (eventually it will be retired).


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