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Please, update ASAP. It is not compatible with Ninja Forms 3.

I’m almost done implementing basic functionality for NF3, but since the NF3 handles things very differently (internally), currently there is no option for dropdowns or checkboxes. Feel free to send email to for early release, if you prefer to wait, it should be here on codecanyon by Friday/Saturday. Update won’t include dropdowns/checkboxes, that should come slightly later simply because there is so little docs NF currently provide for NF3 and its extremely time consuming to analyse their code.

Hi is your plugin compatible with https? Thanks

Should be, there is no reason why it shouldn’t work. Keep in mind this is still compatible with Ninja Forms 2.9.x version only. The update is ready for 3 days now but there is a bug in Ninja Forms itself preventing me from releasing it, I will do so once these changes are made (likely with next NF update).

Hi, when will this be compatible with NF3?

I’m working on the update, but can’t give you good estimate yet. Hopefully pretty soon.

Hi! ! have you plugin installed in bundle whit WP SEO THEME , I have to update Ninja form. when you update the plugin? I’ll buy your license to not wait the SEO WP THEME update thanks

Thanks for reply!

you mean that is ready in 3 days??

I’ll buy for have the update soon and don’t wait WP SEO - thanks for your update

October has 31, so technically in 4.

Oh crap. I though this is another plugin. Could you send your license key ( so I could contact WP SEO author and validate it before giving you early access to this? The update for this is actually ready.

Hi can i use this plugin to integrate with, and will it work with the latest updates on both??

yes. If you will purchase keep in mind version here on code canyon only supports 2.9.x not version 3.x. Good news is that I have already made an update to support 3.x but haven’t got a time to upload it here yet. So if you do buy it, just send me email and i will send you dropbox link to receive 3.x compatible version. I’m planing to upload the 3.x here in couple days.

PS: When (if) sending email don’t forget to attach your license key.

I have installed the plugin and ativated it but o way to found the mailchimp form when i build a form.

what i have to do

I have installed the last one and yes i follow the Documentation of the correct folder.

you can see some shot here

i made a last try adding the evanto purchase code and the apiof mailchim found in setting in ninja form, but nothing the problem are present.

Would you mind creating temporary logins? Once you do just mail them to


Pre-sale question: If I have multiple newsletters generated by RSS-Driven campaigns, can your plug in display check boxes instead of a dropdown list for subscribers to sign up for multiple newslettersat once? Thanks!

If you using/willing to use NF 2.9.x you should be able to do it (Ex: you have 3 newsletter lists on mailchimp, each of them you add as a checkbox item to the form, once user sees the form he/she can check none or multiple). Now if you’re using NF3+ this feature is no longer available since plugin switches to actions (instead of processing fields).

I have a problem in activation of API.

1- I have changed th template of my site:

2- i have installed the Ninja form

3- Intalled your plugin

4- Merged the API in the correct space, but o way to validate it, I changed the api mani time, i copy it first in a text space, i tried to found if ther was something wrong, i delete all the api in mailchimp ad actvated only the one in my web site

No way to fix this problem What i have to do??


last wordpress last mailchimp last mailchimp optin

before move from a server to another al was great….

Don’t see any obvious issues, could you provide temporary logins to wp? If so send them over to

i send you a mail ..

Hello, i setup everything based on your documentation, i tried 3 times using different email to subscribe email, but it did not showing up on my mailchimp list ?

Are you using Ninja Forms 2.9.x or 3.x? Did you give at least 30-60mins to see the email in the list? Sometimes mailchimp adds email right away, sometimes it tends to delay that for some reason. Try double optin option that seem to work much faster.

If none of this helps, could you email temporary logins to wp-admin to


here is screenshot , can you please tell me which is the field for newslett opt in ? my Ninja Form version is Version 3.2.1

For NF3 you need to look for action, not for field!

My add-on does not seem to work. I do not get the ‘Mailchimp optin’ option to add to my form. I have added the API key and purchase code in the settings. I have also tested it and it did not suscribe me to the list or sent me a confirmation email.

Yes, I have added it in actions but I want to add the optin option in the form and it doesn’t appear. I would send the logins but my site is in Spanish…

Ninja Forms 3.x add-on only support actions not fields. Only add-on for 2.9.x had fields.

I can try to see if it would be possible to add fields to 3.x version, probably not before mid next week.

Thanks. That’d be great

Before I buy this plugin. Please can user be automatically added to my newsletter list once they optin

Yes. There is actually 2 options: 1. You can enable double opt-in, which is basically sending email to user asking him to confirm if he/she wants to join the list, and option 2, where you automatically add them to the list without any confirmations. Drop me email if you need a demo to


Freezia Purchased


We have waited more then an hour, and nothing is submitted to MailChimp… :O

Thanks. Could you test with double opt-in option enabled? I will review code tomorrow and see if there is any possible issues, but testing with double opt-in enabled would help identify possible issues faster.


Freezia Purchased

Tested with Double-Opt in and didn’t get any email..

I retested existing version and I don’t have any issues, subscribers shows up within 30 secs or so.

I improved existing version a bit, so drop me email Updated version will include option for logging, hopefully we can figure out whats wrong with your setup.


Hi, pre-sale question. 1 – With your plugin we can add the user email in our MailChimp list, directly without click any checkbox in the form when an user send a form? 2 – We can add this email in a group inside a list?


1. Yes.

2. No, groups currently not supported, I can check what it would take to support groups and get back to you :)

Hi there,

I just bought this plugin thinking it was the same as this plugin here:

Is it not the same plugin? They seem to have a similar function. Yet, the function is not being activated in Ninja Forms.

Please help.

Hi in this address: 3.3.9 but in codecanyon old version

What do you mean in codecanyon old version? This is ninja forms add-on for mailchimp (supporting ninja forms 2.9.x and 3.x versions). This add on won’t work without plugin you have linked to.